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multithreading and Dual GPU support ?

Hey ho..

Know Anyone how good the Game will run on more CPU Cores... so i hope we can see a Game that will run on more than 4 CPU Cores for lagfree playing with many people...
Same is.. what is with Dual GPU... Crossfire and SLI. A good Crossfire and SLI support is rly nice for playing in 4k and more.

If anyone know something about it pls let me know it.

greetings Sunjy


  • i dont think there has been any comment on system requirements other than

    Q: The graphics look amazing! What engine are you using? How will I ever afford a computer that can play it?
    A: We are using the Unreal 4 engine for development. Most of the artwork of the game is optimized to play on mid-range hardware made within the last six years. Additionally, we are exposing many optional settings which will improve performance on lower-than-minimum-specification hardware.

    other than wait probally be best waiting till it gets closer to released as the game hasn't reached alpha yet.
  • Yeah you are right.. but i think including Multicore and Dual GPU is a Feature they have to make it rly early in the Game.. after the Game is released is rly hard to make this stuff good. See World of Warcraft.

    Bu i like the Grafik and hope i can play it max out. Not like in Everquest 2. There you can have the best Computer on Earth and no chance to play it with best Grafiks
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