Classes: what are people interested in playing / learning about?

so heres the classes
– Fighter
– Rogue
– Ranger
– Bard
– Cleric
– Mage
– Tank
– Summoner

and you can "augment" the base class with a second class what combination of classes are people thinking of?

i personally am thinking of several classes atm; Tank>Mage , Mage>Summoner, Tank>Cleric or a ranger/cleric....

what are peoples thoughts?


  • I honestly think about Rogue>Mage.
    I like playing stealthy dual dagger backstabbers and if I could apply effects like "chill" or "burn" on crit thanks to elemental augmented weapons or stealth skill that would teleport me (short distance) behind enemy's backit would be interesting :D But for now I'm going to wait and if that'll be the possibility ;)
  • i think they have mentioned that " teleport behind someone" as a example of the augmentation, i forget what classes it was though :(
  • Here topic with pretty similiar theme
    Hopes there is friar/monk analogue, BUT with PROPER concept (my point of view). In most MMOs monk is fighter in leather/cloth with some mob. skills and high attack speed. Even in Dn'd monk class does not look like <strong><em>ecclesiastic</em></strong>. ONLY in Daoc monk(friar) has realy nice design with balance western/asian fantasy style( he is matial artist/priest hibryd and he is NOT a PANDA.... i like pandas).
    Here are some features that should be inherent to the monk(they are quite logical):
    > he does not seek to kill the enemy, but only to stop/control him >>medium/low dps with debuffs of offensive skills/+mb silence, stuns
    > He strives for excellence both physical and mental >>some buffs/stances aka "iron skin"/ "closed mind"
    > he knows very well how to protect yourself almost without "instruments of death"- >>really good in self deffence discipline(dodge /deflection/parry, PENALTY with heavy armor or shield)
    > he is ecclesiastic, so he knows how and to whom to pray >> some group buffs and healing spells
    > He prefers simple weapons (HtH/staffs, sickle, ... tablespoon)
    > he may turn up unpredictable enemy when it comes to defending the faith or his companions(mb some sort of "nerd rage" skill or death touch).
    Also i d' like to see summoner type -demonolog( summon demons/ demonic shapeshifts/enchants) and mage - illusionist(control/clones/mb temporal manipulations).
  • I'm always a melee player, and almost always go for the Rogue type if I can get it! I'm adverse to magic for some reason, so I usually stay away from those kinds of classes/builds.

    I'm probably looking at Rogue->Ranger or Rogue->Fighter or maybe even Rogue->Tank (always a dream since tanking Mother Shahraz in the Black Temple in leather shadow-resist gear and tons of dodge ;)
  • @Vorch21 re:Monk so more of a "buff bot" i.e. doesn't attack much but improves other's skills through buffs etc?

    @Lethality melee's pretty fun, going from what i expect the fighter class to be (i think its going to be a berserker style class but i could be 1000000% wrong on that front) a rogue>fighter would be pretty insane
  • It's more like hibryd with deffence/support/melee control capabilities (maybe some submissions/acupuncture attacks/grappling staff). ... ” i.e. doesn’t attack much but improves other’s skills through buffs" - he just have not nukes/burst dps arsenal or skills,wich could drop target mitigation noticeably. Of course some players, prefers "asian" type monk with pretty high DPS like in RO.
  • I always play ranger in all games and since we know the secondary class is able to be changed ill probably try different ones and see what i like most. But its probably going to be ranger rogue mage or summoner im not going for any supporting healing or tankiness. I want it to be good for world pvp and solocarrying aka glass cannon. But as concept i like the ranger summoner combo, but if it means in practise that i have a pet with dumb ai like it often is im not gonna go for it.
  • Well it depends... Is there dual wield? Fighter all the way. (+ fighter? or tank im not sure)
    No dual wield, sword and board tank all the way :) If im feeling frisky I might go for a mix or go back to rangers.
  • [quote quote=2741]Well it depends… Is there dual wield? Fighter all the way. (+ fighter? or tank im not sure)
    No dual wield, sword and board tank all the way <img alt="?" src="" /> If im feeling frisky I might go for a mix or go back to rangers.


    im hoping there will be a decent duel wield class :)
  • Guys guys guys.. everyone knows the best class is going to be fighter/summoner. That's what I'll be playing anyway
  • I prefer to be the Healer/Support kind of guy. So I guess my main class will be Cleric.
    I'm thinking about choosing Bard as my secondary class, but thats highly dependant on how they will flesh out that class.
    For example, I personally don't reallly like the way how FFXIV implemented the Bard. It's more of an Archer than what I would expect of a Bard class, since it is more about ranged damage then the songs (I know its damage is a little lower than some of the other dds dish out and it's taken into groups because of it's support abilities, but still I feel it more to be an dd, than a support class.)
    I would rather like to see the Bard as a kind of support Mage, more heavily relying on Buffs and Debuffs. But as I haven't played many MMOs yet, I'm not sure if such an approach could be competetive - especially as it shall be able to function as a main class as well ...
  • If I go ranger/cleric can I heal people by shooting them with my bow? or maybe rogue/cleric, stealth, popout to heal people, go back into stealth, sounds kind of lulz-y. Although I suppose I should probably focus on being useful as opposed to dicking around, so I guess mage/cleric or tank/cleric.
  • [quote quote=2712]I’m always a melee player, and almost always go for the Rogue type if I can get it! I’m adverse to magic for some reason, so I usually stay away from those kinds of classes/builds.[/quote] It's the opposite for me, I would go for the caster type. I've felt limited playing melee classes, I like magic and some range.

    In any case, I'm most likely going to play a cleric or at least have cleric as a second class. Looking forward to learning more about the classes, but for now I'm maybe going for bard/cleric, cleric/bard. I'd like to heal people through music and sound. :P

    Then there's the cleric/summoner, when I think of this one would be able to summon angels or other npcs that heal for the caster.
  • If they have muskets/guns, I'll go with ranger main and I hope they get pets!. I will sub ranger with either rogue, cleric or bard.

    If I can't get my firearms, I will probably go with rogue main and cleric sub.

    I usually play healers, but I think I am starting to shift away from that role because I solo or duo content more and more. (Haven't found a decent guild in a long long time and everyone requires voice chat D: )

    Many things will depend on stealth mechanic, hybrid healing , pets and weapons.
  • Bard / Cleric

    Healing is so much fun. The 'easiest' usually have the hardest learning curve! Which I think is awesome, there is plenty of time to master and eventually perfect your class! Also, speaking of personal experience here, I believe that playing a class which is very dependant on others gives you a better sense of the overall balance of damage/healing/etc. You not only learn your class but the other classes as well.
    Does that make any sense? - Well, in my head it does at least ^-*

    Scummoner, oops, summoner..

    That class I don't like. Either it's goodlike or it's utter garbage. This has to be done right, I hope we don't have it at launch but maybe at a later time. When balancing and stuff worked out already. Scummoner can destroy a game, especially if unsure what this class should bring to the table.
    Tanking / healing / Both / Neither / something else? - See - it's all over the place!

    Melee / Ranged

    Open for everything there. My second class would probably be something like a Mage or something along those lines. I really like ranged combat!

    ~ Zention
  • Hmm i think mage and summoner or mage and cleric would suit me.

    I do like kiting and mobility so i need to look.

    If the mage feels kinda static i probably go for a meele class.

    I think they should realy make sure that everyones playstyle is gonna fit in.

    Maybe they can also ad some different trees. So you can adjust the class u wanna play to your style.
  • I would take fighter and mage, because close combat mixed with magic is pretty cool. If we can choose elements like fire etc. and all skills from the classes, which attack with magic based skills, I am going to choose that combination anyway.
  • I also want to have dual swords, so i would like the game even more, if we can use dual swords.
  • @SaintJoanna You don't know, that the classes have their own element.

    If elements are a content in AoC are we able to choose our elements or are the elements assigned to their own class.
  • [quote quote=2821]I also want to have dual swords, so i would like the game even more, if we can use dual swords.

    I really liked dual wield after I tried it in TERA, dual wielding and just going atk-speed was real fun :) I never got far enough into the game to know if it was viable, but it was fun af.

    [quote quote=2824]<a href="" rel="nofollow">@saintjoanna</a> You don’t know, that the classes have their own element.

    If elements are a content in AoC are we able to choose our elements or are the elements assigned to their own class.

    Nothing about element have been revealed (to my knowlegde). When people talk about hydromancers or the like, its because you choose from 8 archclasses, and later on you choose another of the classes to augment your abilities. So people hope and guess what different combination will be.

    Only one thats been confirmed is mage and fighter, which is the "Spellsword".
  • @Julemanden Yes, I know that elements aren't revealed so I was asking : If elements would be a content.
  • although it would be cool for the mage to "spec" into a certain element so you can have fire mage / water mage etc
  • @SaintJoanna Ok, than is everything ok.
  • If there's gonna be a monk/martial artist in the game, I would like to have not only the buffs but more skills that use combos/chains... Idk why but I personally don't like to think monk as a support so.. monk>fighter
  • I would love to build something like the Sorceress in Black Desert. I just <3 this class. So I will start with mage to get the magic attacks and then add a fighter or rogue for the melee aspect.
  • Mage is almost always my favorite archetype flavor wise and with 8 options to augment it I'm almost sure I can find something with a playstyle I'm fond of. What my likely secondary class will be is likely going to be dependent on what Mage can provide as a base. If the mage already has satisfactory mobility cleric would be really cool to make my mage sort of a jack of all trades. Something else really appealing is adding some melee flavor to my mage so rogue or fighter or possibly even tank would be cool.

    Anything with mage as a secondary is something I will have interest in too.
  • I would try out something like a rogue/cleric or maybe a bard/cleric.
  • It seems like almost everyone is going to choose 2 different classes. But has anyone thought about choosing 2 of the same class? I'm sure some of you may do that. If so, what do you guys think how the augmentation will work if you choose, let's say Bard/Bard, or Summoner/Summoner? Will their class skills become stronger than those who choose a different 2nd class? Or maybe it will be balanced and different?
  • Depending on how the summoner works I will do something with him. I really hope they make a great minion class out of him. I would love for the option to control my minions and support them more then deal actual damage myself. Increasing their damage and lowering damage dealt to them and weakening the enemy with debuffs and weak DoTs that combine with Minions. I really would love to see this.
    So most likely I would play a Demon summoner or Necromancer.
    For a Melee class it would depend on the weapons that are available. I don't really want to play a Sword fighter, I would like something with a little bit more range, like a spear or lance.
  • Im seeing alot of dps and a few healers.... but wheres my fellow tanks at? :(
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