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Crafting a Core activity ?

I would love to see a crafting driven economy. With crafter's producing the top items in the game. I would hope crafting would be deep and extensive. Can any educate me on the plans for this area of the game ?



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    Don't know to much about it, but they did say, that even some of the most powerfull items will be crafted.
    Also all gear has to be repaired from time to time and apparently only the crafters like smiths will be able to do that. So no vendor repairing, which I think is a great way to let crafters stay needed.
    It's not much, but it shows their determination to make crafting important.
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    The plan is to have a player crafting driven economy.
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    Yeah, like Dygz said. The devs have said multiple times that they want the player-driven economy to be a core component of the game; and with the degree of customization that crafters might have over what they make, even if dungeons drop comparable gear, crafters will be able to make gear to your exact specifications - making them worthwhile.
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    Very exciting news !

    Thank you
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