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Maybe this has been asked before, but since I didn't get a reply on kickstarter about this, I would like to ask here if there will be any other option then backing through kickstarter. I don't have a credit card and therefore I can't back and don't have any option to get the nice backer rewards.

The best alternative to kickstarter/credit card would be paypal. Many other projects used this to raise additional fundings and it gave people without a CC an option to actually back the project. :)



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    Unfortunately no I heard paypal have a credit card though that I guess works Sorry for the inconvenience :(

    <a href="" target="_blank">paypal credit card</a>

    Hope this helps
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    Use a friends or famalies credit card, i had to do that to cause we dont use credit cards here.
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    ^^ I agree that works to :P
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    Well, there's no one close to me that has a credit card. Probably can't back then. Sad...
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    Maybe if Intrepid loves us, they will have some continued Crowdfunding on their new website and with some alternate pay options.... I hope that is the case. It is a one month window on KS and not unheard of for players to either be stuck for pledging payment options or even at a sensitive cash flow spot during any given month.
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