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Monthly Fee Estimate?

Hi, the #1 thing that I'm interested in knowing is what the monthly fee is going to be. If it's unknown, what's the estimate? 10$ a month? more, less? If it's 10 for example, the lifetime subscription would be approx 4 years of game time but unlimited. The game sounds innovative, I like the node idea. Thanks.


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    It's going to be about $15 a month ^^ Which I think is standard. Hopefully they will have tiers so you can pay in blocks e.g 3 months and 6 months to reduce the cost down a little. ^^
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    i heard of 15$/month
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    Yep At the moment it will be 15$ may or not change! I think its reasonable for a month time of game play
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    Like everyone else says, it is $15/month. However if you have recruited others through the referral system you get 15% of whatever they spend as credit. So if you get a bunch of friends to play and stay subbed you can essentially play for less or even free.
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