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Hopeful Aussie

Hi everyone, I'm not very good with introductions but I'm excited to jump on the hype train of Ashes of Creation.

I recently pledged for the Braver of Worlds package after hearing the devs say OCE servers will be a thing. Considering past experience of other MMOs, *cough* SWTOR *cough*, I hope they won't die in the dirt and leave me migrating to a server with over 200 ping.

Looking forward to meeting Aussies and other folks across the very large pond. Just hoping the hype train doesn't crash and leave me burned.

<a href="" target="_blank">Hype train</a>


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    I'm from Africa, so I always have 200+ ping so I know the feel :c

    Hope to see you around though o/
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    Welcome to the community o/
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    Welcome ;)
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    Welcome aboard the hype train!
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    Welcome to the forum, mate! *throws confetti*
    I'm also from Australia. So I understand your pain..
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    Welcome Traveler!!!!! Thanks For Backing the Kickstarter!!! Glad to have ya aboard the Hype Train!!!!

    I know you backed the kickstarter Which is GREAT, but I also understand to be alittle skeptical I suggest you check out this post I made it have some good information <a href="" target="_blank">HERE</a>

    How did you hear about Ashes of Creation?
    What other mmos have you played?
    What do you hope to see in Ashes of creation?
    Got a question just ask meh ill try my best to answer it!

    Info down below! ( Want to dive into the community join the Discord)
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