The "Tulnar" (new character race)!

Just finished watching the latest live stream from Intrepid.....

The gave some teasers, and a little concept info on the new playable race, the "Tulnar"....


That is all.


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    Yep, i'm super happy with how they decided to do this. Here's the pic for people who missed it. Tulnar
  • @McStackerson
    lol Thanks, friend. Was just about to post that image, myself. :)

    In the words of the Lazy Peon, "feels bad" man, for the other races. I was planning on playing either an orc, or elf. Now, this throws everything out of wack! But, in a good way, I hope.

    Wouldn't be surprised if the prevalent race played, at launch, is Tulnar. :P
  • Thanx for starting this thread!! I was about to do the same LOL. The AMAZING thing about this reveal is that all shapes shown will be available through the character creator. THAT is a mind boggling character creator.
  • Just some additional info: The race will be a sort of "combination" of other races, merged into one.

    The Tulnar will exhibit various humanoid, and bestial, features. These features can be tuned to preference, at character creation.

    Just a rough overview, from what was gleaned on the live stream.
  • @TickledPink
    AMAZING, indeed! I'm literally tickled pink! :D

    edit: sorry, my bad. couldn't resist. i really tried. never again.
  • This new race looks amazing, lots of variety n stuff :D I was 100% convinced to go for an elf but now i'm totally struggling with the Tulnar xD probably gonna play it, looks like this race can make your character pretty unique. I wonder if these different combinations will lead to different "benefits" like faster swimmer, stronger tank, ecc

    edit: im in love with this lunar weapon <3
    <img src="" alt="" />
  • Sorry about that, just got done posting it in 2 other threads and figured i'd help you out.

    Yea, i've been thinking about how things will play out too. It feels like what they did would be similar to turning the whole horde from wow into one race so i could see a lot of people picking them up. I look forward to learning more about them.

    So pumped
  • I doubt the character create appearance will affect stats like swimming or stronger tank.
    We should be able to manually adjust our stats to reflect the appearance we choose.
    And, there may be racial augments and racial stat progression that also helps us continue to do so.
    Swimming and Climbing are interesting suggestions for racial augments.
  • Thank you!! I'm at work for another hour and won't be able to watch the stream til I get off of work.
  • Are there going to be any female Tulnar?
  • <blockquote><div class="d4p-bbp-quote-title"><a href="">T-Elf wrote:</a></div>Are there going to be any female Tulnar?

    </blockquote> There darn well better be lol
  • There darn well better be.
  • Beast race FTW :D
  • @nirablade roll with two mains early and then decide which one becomes the alt :P
    that's if you don't have time to level up more than one character anyway
  • I'm truly impressed with the thoughtfulness of this new character race. They could have taken the easy route by just reskinning an existing race but they went all out on this. They found a compelling way to include Tulnar into the game world by unveiling how they are a forgotten melting pot of other races that were forced to live underground. It's this attention to detail that is apparent through everything I've seen so far.
  • I like what I see of the new race but probably wont play them much, nothing against what they have done, I just tend to play humans most of the time. But I do stray from time to time.
  • Can someone be helpful and help me find the Tulnar pic?
  • sunfrog said:
    Can someone be helpful and help me find the Tulnar pic?
    Took a snapshot of it to show to some other friends of mine.

    but on topic, happy they added it in, just wish they would have shown more really.
    At least it's hella lot more interesting than human/dwarf/elf/orc in a high-fantasy game
  • A fluid race melded together with other underground races...I'm not sure we've ever seen an MMO with this kind of uniqueness. I thought it strange that only 1 race was being announced (instead of the 2 sub-race format), but now it makes sense. I just hope the awesomeness of the race doesn't skew the racial distribution in the world! Would also be cool to know if racial bonuses on this race change depending on your sliders...
  • Here are the silhouettes :3 I love the weapon the second on second row has xD I'm curious to see how mutated these creature are. I adore their concept. I can't wait to meet the ugliest. I also find these previews very masculine so I wonder if they are gender locked or genderless xD 
  • I personally don't see the fascination but if it gets backers ok.  Sticking to my elf race for sure. 
  • Tulnar Liberation Front!
  • A true hybrid race.
    Must say I am not just impressed with the devs, but really excited too.
    Thanks Intrepid.
  • The second bottom left one has a weapon that looks very intriguing..
  • I mean.. I do like myself a fancy tail. 
  • So we have elves, orksHumansns, Dwarfs and now Beast men I'm really looking forward to this but im going to play as a human until I can get a undead skin at least 
  • Oh man. I think I found my new race.
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    the middle one and the one all the way to the left in the top row could be females. 
    also what the heck the top row all the way to the right....i don't hope thats a spider fused person.....ugh i hope it's nothing like this..

  • I am definately rolling one of these. They look awesome.  I am interested as to how the armour for this race will adapt to things like spider legs comng out of your back or a massive tail.  Cant believe I am going to have to wait till next Christmas to get into this.
  • Do the tails mean snake-like or lizard-like? I hope it's not worm-like.  Dragon people maybe? I'm guessing the question mark weapon is the Mage.
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