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Hello ladies and gents,

I was having issues with posting my thread on the forums. This is the correct thread.

About Myself

I go by Kyndred, Kyn, or whatever variation you prefer. I am a veteran MMORPG player who spent the vast majority of the past ten years playing World of Warcraft and other MMO's. I have been raiding on Azeroth since 2011 and consider myself exceedingly well-versed in the workings of WoW. I have been a part of 3 notable guilds, ranging from 5-day a week hardcore to 2- a week semi-casual. I was an officer in all three, and was the co-founder and leader of my latest venture (a successful reroll). I am an MMO gamer who loves the storytelling and social aspects of the genre. I've spent most of my time playing Blizzard's WoW, but have dabbled in several other titles for lengths of time, including SWTOR, ESO, Wildstar, Rift, and Black Desert.

 I have always been a raider, through and through, but I enjoy PvP as well, especially in games focused around large-scale battles and siege warfare. AoC will - hopefully - be the game I have been looking for since the demise of my WoW addiction, and I can't wait to get started preparing for it, which is why I have backed Intrepid studios on Kickstarter (also to nab that sexy beta key!)

 As a university student in Canada, I have an open schedule on weeknights, which is when I do most of my gaming. My "organized/competitive" play availability is usually limited to Sundays-Thursdays, but I can be found grinding, farming, and helping out others in-game on weekends during the day. (weekend nights are spent raising my BAC to unhealthy levels)

My Quest

I am seeking future AoC players who are interested in founding and running a guild with which to wage war, raid, and in all facets of the game, succeed, in the coming years. Due to the extended amount of time we will be spending waiting for AoC to release, I would love to gather our forces in another MMO in the meantime. The specific MMO in question can be decided upon once the leadership team has come together.

The Vision:
  • Semi-Hardcore PvX Guild (All areas of the game; PvE, PvP, trading, etc.)
  • Close-knit leadership team
  • Strong community presence
  • Specialized officer positions (Raid Lead, PvP Lead, Trading Lead, Communications Lead, Administrative Lead, etc.)
  • Active guild members, non-competitive nights to include casual players
  • Clean and accessible website, discord server, social media presence
  • Mature, easy-going atmosphere (get shit done, have fun doing it)
  • A dope guild name and theme!

About You:

  • Somewhat experienced MMO player (priority)
  • 18+
  • Leadership experience
  • Sense of humor
  • Passion for gaming
  • High weeknight availability
  • Dedication, willingness to contribute to the project
  • "Group first" mindset
  • Methods of communication (discord w/ working headset/mic)

Contact Me:

Due to restrictions on personal information such as email, you can reach me by:
 - Discord: Razz#8161
 - Reply to Forum Thread

 Thank you for reading, I am looking forward to hearing from some like-minded people amped up for this spectacular looking game!


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    The Empire may be for you :)
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    9th race hype.
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    Hey, I don't mean to plug your thread but we have alot of similar interests/history. I added you on discord.
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    Intrepid tour!!
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    Still searching for co-founders!
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    Status of guild launch?
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    New upvote. It's September and we are creeping closer to 2018. Looking for co-founders!
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    Im very interested in such a thing <3_<3 and ive to be honest, i just really wanna be part of that big Guilds, kinda like Kirito in Sword art online is just at the front with the highest lvl players... if u know what i mean. :lol:
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    I have been playing mmo's for years played A/C then went to World of Warcraft was not to happy with it so played A/C till it died. or more like they killed it. i love raids with people who can work as a team. I also love small group hunting and i love questing as much as i love camping. I love working hard and seeing what a toon can become. I look forward to playing with you all
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