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Is it just me? or....



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    Stabby said:
    Same goes for the WoW, GW2, LOTRO and many other PVE game communities. They will probably come and try this game and then leave within a few weeks.
    Not sure where you get that WoW is a PvE strict game....I don't know much about the other games, so I won't bother looking into their stats.  Most of the people I know from the last 11 years of playing WoW, however, are more PvP-centric than PvE.  It's about a 60/40 split, I'd say.  Here are numbers from the website US Realm Pop, which polls data from in-game people.  It shows quite the PvP population.

    Of the 16 most-populated servers:
    • 8 are PvP, 8 are PvE
    • Highest population is a PvP Server
    • 10,734,239 total pop; 5,295,341 PvE pop; 5,438,898 PvP pop
    • Below this list, there are 5 more PvP servers before you see another PvE server
    And I'm sure you realize that PvP-centric folks would be OK playing on a PvE server with their friends, but PvE-centric folks that can't stand PvP would not play on a PvP server, as you suggested.  Which means that there are probably even more PvP players than just those on PvP servers.  If anything, I'd be worried about the open-world PvP corruption system scaring away the PvP populations from WoW....

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    Irobot said:

    I'd also request adding a duel mechanic.  you can ask the other player for a casual duel, where you can fight till someone reaches 1HP, but cannot die. you come out in the previous state(if you were a non-combatant, you remain so).

    Pretty sure I remember Steven confirming duels would be a thing in one of the live casts
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    Let the finish product be what we the population judge on, not what was, is or could have been. 
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    I just wonder why not keep the PvP to the expected PvP parts of the game.  IE: sieges, caravans, etc.

    I always question games that claim to want to heavily discourage random PKing, but still include it.  Sometimes I want to PvP, so I'd go where the PvP is.  Sometimes I just want to pick flowers without having to wonder if the guy next to me wants to use my kidneys as a dagger cozy.
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    ArchivedUserArchivedUser Guest
    edited June 2017
    I don't care if they called it "Everquest remake of what was going to come out but didn't" as long as they deliver .. Just my 2cents .02
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