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[NA]Mana | PvX/E Focused - quality over quantity

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Esarosa : FenaFroz

 PvE | Crafting | Node Development  | Exploration | Raiding | PvP


Mana is a Hardcore guild for Ashes of Creation only. Our community has been together through GW2, Vindictus, and BDO. We are all 18+. Many playing MMORPGS since EQ. We invite you. To explore, learn the world together, and find our home within AoC.

Mana is a "PvE" guild but we do enjoy PvP aswell; with a semi-hardcore to hardcore player base. We think it is important to embrace all styles of gameplay for a guild to truely thrive be it PvE, PvP, or whatever it is you like to do most. We want our community to be active, mature, helpful and to represent the guild with dignity. Most of all though; You must have fun!


Specialization will be decided closer to launch. The game is far to young to say for sure what our paths shall be. We will have members and officers with every trade skill at max to keep our guild self sufficient. A strong focus on progression and trade skills. PvE and PvP. Yin and Yang. A Jack of all trades.

Helping others and making a positive impact on the game and its community is how we want to make a name for ourselvs.


Active players who enjoy group oriented play.
Must be to semi-hardcore+. 
Members must be 18+
Must use Discord



Mana does not tolerate toxicity. 



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    Congratulations to our 12 Phase 1 and Phase 2 closed beta key holders!

    Closed Beta phase 1

    Fena Froz#3448

    Closed beta phase 2


    Message me here, I have somethings to ask of you.
  • Your discord link doesn't work
    And i would like to ask a few more question before asking to join your guild
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    We are interested in people with experience in the following:

    Graphic design
    Making discord bots

    By no means does this mean you need to know how to do any of those to join. We are just looking for some who do.

  • Noespark said:
    i remade the link. it should work now. it isnt using i cannot figure out why it stoped and wont work anymore. oh well
    It's no letting me write a text because it says im not authorized to write one
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    Some discord servers require you to be part of the discord for a set time before you can type something in. Try messaging a Officer or GM.  :|

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    We are not looking for alliances at all. Once Closed Beta 0-2 start we will begin looking into alliances.

    Until then we are only accepting dedicated members.

  • Good luck!  Sounds interesting and fitting for a lot of people. :D
  • Will you be  interested in working with an achlemist/herbalist - depending on the workings of the in-game mec. ? I was thinking of the underrealm area. whould that be of interest to your guild?
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    those are two things we are very much interested in. everyone needs potions and the underrealm will be amazing

  • If so I might be interested in your guild if the offer still stands? when we get closer to the release. As for now im looking at your guild and a rp one. Hope you dont mind :)
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    absolutely. just jump onto our discord and say hi sometime : D 

  • i would be interested in joining. ill be home tonight to get on discord if you guys would be online
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    we should be online all day.

  • Good Luck with Mana. :)
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    thank you

  • Can I get a new discord link I can't seem to make it work
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    Should be fine

    deleted old post because link took you to weird places

  • Nice zed hope to see you soon!  We always welcome newcomers.  
  • hope to see you guys when the game comes out :D
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    i just want to play the game already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • pretty awsome group of people here. dont be afraid to comeplay games with us while we allwait for ashes
  • Count on me. I'll apply.
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    Good to see the new faces. Everones been playing d2 lod, BDO, tos, warframe, poe, and empyrion. I hope to see many more faces

  • o/ Let us know what other games you're playing until Ashes releases. Lets start playing together now while we're all waiting
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    ^^this guy rocks my socks

  • @Noespark you need to update the Discord link. it has expired.
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    i actualy dont, you've been blocked. and notified. please stop harassing. 

  • are you willing to have a player that will give the guild a bad reputation? in terms of being a corrupter and raiding others.. lol
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    No we wouldnt. Your key words are bad reputation. Noone would let anyone who gave their guild a bad reputation in. Again. Pvp and pk is ok. Noone needs a rotten apple though

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