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Anyone interested in FRGP?


It was a while since I played rpg by emails/forums/messengers, but game  whitch bring us here together ignited some old fire im my DM guts.

We have here like near 2 long years of waiting. And I denifitly see here on forums some rpg-oriented people.

So? May be we wait playing? : )

I have some experience in DMing, both "from distance with text" and "tabletop", but not native speaker (it already may be quite noticeble). So, if you don't give a mind that your story will be telled with some orcish accent, you may, indeed, proceed : )

Overall idea:

Pretty generic high fantasy setting (I'll expand info in time). Nothern frontier pseudofeudal kingdom. Two generation ago this land was conquered by humans from moster humanoid tribes and new barony established. Players - partly barons most important and trusted servants, partly - most prominent figures of local castle settelment, partly - guests, who is here by chance. Couple of weeks war started in south and baron (with most ablo bodied warriors) was summoned my his liege to fight.

Here is map I made in paint (in moment of inspiration). Castle, little town and near farms.

So, castle, with very weakened defences now on barons wife, She is quite and little bit strange lady, with no intention to show any feats of great leadership. She is mother of only barons child, sickly boy. And lords steward - educated and qualified, but frail old and unpopular man. Also, only 20-25 more or less trained warriors remain in domain.

Player roles:

- commander of guard, warrior archtype, main security lad or lass
- local temple priest/priestess
- court wizard apprentice (his/her master gone with baron)
- town guest 

Every player will get their own goals and agenda, indeed, to cover. Main "story" will be played more organic way, some random events, some things will be deeply changed by player decisions, no strict predifined module. But dangers are all ready close - from inside and outside.

Generaly I want to stick with no more then 4 players, may be even less (like 3-4 will be okay too). More than than and quality start droping fast. May be, if things go smooth, we add 5-6 in time.

We will play free of system (I probably still remember dnd 3,5, but it will be to clumsy to implement here), no writing god mode "I killed 1000 orcs by mysel in 2 sec".

- most important climatic/drammatic/dangerous and competive things will be supported by dice rolls (online generator)
- things kept heroic and fantasy like, but with common sense 
- some generic atmosphere of fantasy must be kept (no too comic or modern characters, silly names)
- "turn order" will be more or less strict, important resolutions on dm side only

Game speed and other house rules we can discuss.

Fuhhh... always a lot things to consider. Anyway, feel free to fire with questions, ideas and propositions. Looks like this is only way : ) 


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    Sounds really interesting/fun to do! :D 
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    And here is little reserv. Also I mistyped name of tread (FRPG it was), but looks like if I try to edit it right now, forum eats whole thing.

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    And here is little reserv. Also I mistyped name of tread (FRPG it was), but looks like if I try to edit it right now, forum eats whole thing.

    I ruined your reserve post spot, I'm sorry! D:
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    ArchivedUserArchivedUser Guest
    edited June 2017
    Not a big problem : )

    And other thing I forgot to mention, I have little passion to some comical gore in DMing...

    Lilke: "When dwarven greathammer fell true, ugly goblin head bursted like watermelon, paining catacombs walls with crimson... and not only walls, but fancy white 1000 gp dress of elven mage too. "

    So, If anyone can be disturbed by such content, be aware : )
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    I hope you don't mind a lurker/cheerleader watching from the sidelines do you? Couldn't commit to joining in at the moment, but @le_souriceau this looks too good to not enjoy vicariously :)
     Hope your team gets together soon
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    Hello, @le_souriceau!  Though your English is a bit off, I can certainly understand you.  And, I'm definitely interested in your proposed game of forum rpg.  If you can get the players you need to start, I would be glad to play the part of the Wizard's Apprentice.  

    There may be some days where I can't make speedy responses, due to work, but I hope that's not a problem.  For my part, any rolls that need to be made, I'll trust the DM to do for me.

    Good luck!
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    Megs, indeed, feel free : )

    freespiryt, hello! Nice! Then I post more info on setting/details in 2-3 days (first part tomorrow) and we can start, may be others join up.

    Language, yep, but I consider whole affair as not just game, but means to improve : ) If during our text adventuries you see some abyssmaly bad sentence constructions or eye-bleeding spelling mistakes - feel free to correct me : )

    About speed, generaly 1 post per day will be absolutly okay, may be even some pauses like 2-3 days, time to time (if something important in real life take one of us). 

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    edited June 2017
    Here is first update. Some kind of fast political map of region.

    ( link here - invicible )

    Principal place of action - barony of Raurath (main and practicaly only settlement - Ravenclaw castle). Barony is kind of nothern frontier for nation of Vendelica, small and rather weak kingdom, squezed betweet two powerful southern kingdoms and wild lands, infested by greenskins and other monsters. Mountains on NW populated by kabolds (who have some sort of their own kingdom). They not exacly friendly, but not openly hostile too. There is rumor, that they ruled by dragon, but no solid proof.

    Several weeks ago Vendelica was drawn as ally of Seluria to dynastic war in far south (pretty much endless bloodbath for several years already). Defences are weakened. And while Ravenclaw castle is pretty strong fortress (by standarts of region) situated in strategic position, there are great concerns about recent greenskin activities in eastern forest.

    Good news - small clan of friendly dwarfs of Hammersong Mine (150 beards strong) boldly captured old golden mine in wild lands several years ago (with help of baron). They now become natural ally and trade partner for barony. So they can be relied upon to some extent, if it comes to fighting.

    Region itself - mountain and dense forests. Winters are cold, but summers can give still decent harvest to farmers. I think best "real life expample" understandable for audience - British Columbia : ) I never been here, by think this is close with some artistic freedom.

    Soon - more info : ) About key personalities around.
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    What is fgrp?
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    I assumed a Trumpage/Dyslexic version of : Forum role playing game
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    Megs said:
    I assumed a Trumpage/Dyslexic version of : Forum role playing game
    lol Now, now, @Megs.  Don't be mean.  

    And, yes, I believe he the OP was going for "FRPG" (Forum RolePlaying Game).
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    I would love to try it but I never played D&D or any tabletop RPG yet... And I don't have a lot of time till the end of this month anyway... :'( but good luck, I will take a look from time to time to learn how the game works :) 

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    Eeek, I didn't mean that to come across as mean. So sorry @le_souriceau *offers her right shoe in tribute

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