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What do you expect from Alpha & Beta ? What are you Anticipating ?



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    I love betas and alphas. I do tend to concentrate on trying to break the money system though. I mean, I do the normal trying to get mobs stuck on things, falling through worlds, getting trapped in buildings but I love breaking the system economics.  Finding that quest that if you do 'x' and 'y' then you make too much money too fast.  I like being rich in game (no idea why) so the more things I can break in alpha the better the economy works after release. 
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    Eragale said:
    Eragale said:
    " I'm kinda glad you brought this up. Although I'll have a HeadStart, and although I'll have some KickStarter Goodies, I personally will not Boast about it. In fact, I want to feel like a New Player. So I won't use those New Mounts, or Outfits, or anything from the KickStarter. I want to experience what its like trying to Get the First Mount. I don't want to Skip anything either. Because It'll be more enjoyable and fair in some way.

    (But I'll use them eventually Xp ) "
    " Those kickstarter outfits and mounts are skins.  You will have to earn your first mount in game before you can apply it to change it's look. "
    This Gal here is an actual Mount - not a Skin

    Hope that gal mount has a skin? 
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    I only have one expectation.  It's how soon can we test the game.  Everything else just follows
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