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Change email problems.

I seen the post about changing email and decided I would try to do so. I had made a account on here with the email from kickstarter but before I knew about the referel links. So I had made a second account by joining through a referer and I tried to delete the account with the email I want to now change knowing the email from KS has to be the same. However it is still saying email in use when i try to change the refered accounts email to the account that I deleted email. When I go to sign in with that email it is telling me waiting for email acivation. I'm in a pickle here and losing my mind. A bit of a complicated situation lol


  • Hi @Somdem
    a few people have said that there was a cool-down period from when you delete your account and when you try and use that email again. give it a couple of hours and try again, if it still persists update the ticket and we will find a solution for you.

  • I just tried to change the email again and it is still saying email is in use and having the same problem as yesterday. It's been over 16 hours since I first attempted to switch the email.
  • I changed my mine about the begging of June didn't have a problem. o:) >:)
  • That sure is helpful.
  • Still unable to change the email. Tried to send a support it but it keeps saying try again later.
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    your using https://www.ashesofcreation.com/account/  correct? if so can you
    send a email to [email protected] hopefully they will be able to assist you further 
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    Yes I am using the account page. I'm just worried my kickstarter pledge will be wasted if I cant get this email switched over. Email has been sent about this issue
  • Finally got it to work after reactivating the account 3 times and deleting it 4 times.
  • Somdem said:
    Finally got it to work after reactivating the account 3 times and deleting it 4 times.
    Congratulations :)^^
  • Hmmm that's weird however im happy it's now sorted :smile:

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