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To be or not to be~

Been following this game for a little bit. The game looks like it has a lot of potential. I had a discussion with a friend over 15 years ago about how cool it would be a game that changed based directly on how the players worked together or apart. Looking forward to maybe backing this summer but not sure what to do yet!


  • Welcome to the community @Gildwr! I hope you have a great time here with Ashes of creation :)
  • Welcome! I feel you, I really am tempted to back the game too but for the rewards I want I would have to spend a lot of money <_< So thinking I should just wait until game is closer to launch before I drop lots of money on it xD
  • Welcome @Gildwr! I've been wanting such a game for a long time too :)
  • Welcome to the community. Hope the game lives up to your dreams about a game.
  • A very warm welcome, fellow traveler.

    I'm sure that any MMORPG player, sooner or later, got involved into discussing how his dream game would have been. I did, and I'm glad to see that AoC is very promising on this regard. Hopefully, this adventure will be an amazing one: we'll see. In the meantime, I'm glad to have you onboard, @Gildwr!
  • Welcome on-board!
    Hope you've managed to find a warm welcome and a spot for you in this happy community :smiley:
  • Welcome to our hopeful community! 
  • Put your wallet where your heart is!
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