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Referral System - Benefits to Persons Involved (And how they don't make sense)

So a while ago the Referral System was put in place and I thought "Thats nice. It helps get the game a little more coverage and causes the game to have a more personal community through this "word of mouth" mechanic of advertisement."

When I looked more in depth at the Referral System however, I noticed that the only person benefited by the system was the person handing out the referral code and not the person using it. Am I looking at it wrong or did I miss something? If that is truly the case, why is it? I understand that the person using the code can't get the same benefits as the person who handed it out in the first place due to the nature of the reward but wouldn't it make more sense to have an in game item, skin, or something as some sort of incentive?

If I was person B (the receiver of the code) I have no incentive to use it what so ever besides maybe trying to make my friend happy (or in a lot of cases that I have been seeing, total anonymous strangers on the internet). But in contradiction to this, it seems a lot of people are doing it anyway... I don't know why really...

Anyway, looking around I found this post that goes back a few months from someone asking the same question:

You can't find this post by searching the forums and I found it through a google search. I don't know if it is because they don't have tags attached to it or not but searching referal or referral doesn't give any results among the forums (none, zilch, nada). Us two can't be the only people talking about this... I wonder...

Anyway, please tell me your thoughts on this matter and discuss with anyone that posts here... and hopefully this discussion wont become hidden or disappear.
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