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Question About Science

So a science district has been mantioned, I would like to know how it would come to effect, would you be able to research and develop new items or will it passivly generate new stuff. will research be more magic focussed or more real-life focussed


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    All good questions. It should be already possible to post the que question in the Q&A thread (it should be in the announcemens section). Hopefully it will be asked in the next live, on friday and it will be answered.

    From what I have seen it is all theory and supposition now. 
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    @Jonarlin in case your question doesn't get answered in the livestream Q&A, there is some excellent information about nodes in the wiki. This represents pretty much what we know to date about the science nodes.
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    Science Nodes were mentioned as one type of Node.  I suspect this means that if the main player action in a node is scientific research or something related, then the node would eventually progress towards being a Science Node.  
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