Super Excited

Hey everyone, I just joined the forums and discord and it's really encouraging to see such a large and active community for a game that won't be out for such a long time. Really promises great things for this game!


  • Welcome @Onisser! I hope you'll have a great time here in the community. Full of great, wise and helpful oldies with a sprinkling of young pups. Have fun :) 
  • @Kratz Thanks!
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    Welcome to the warm community of AoC @Onisser feel free to ask questions ;)
  • Welcome to this wonderful friendly community. I hope that you've been getting great vibes off Discord.

    *Sets up a power-plate to welcome @Onisser  just in case the vibes so far haven't been strong enough*

  • Welcome, lovely having you here!
    Hope you enjoy your stay and the long wait until the game releases. Might be a little painful, but at least we're all in the same boat :smiley:
  • welcome to the community. Hope you enjoy your time here
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