New Here. (Obviously :D)

Hows it going, you can call me Coatimundi or Helix. I'm a generally an approachable guy and open to all sorts of ideas and discussions. I've first started my gaming roots from Abe Oddworld and watching my dad play. From their I went to Starcraft 1 and then to warcraft 3 were I joined an rp guild and roleplayed alot. While playing warcraft I also played other games, D2, AoE, and tons more. Then I joined the military for five years and got trapped between work and gaming. Or what little gaming time I had because of what I was doing. I got out and got back whole heartly into gaming and then I went back into the military. Now however I have lots of time to play games still so Its not gonna effect my awesome time and commitment to this game and whatever community I join. Hope to see you on the field! ;)


  • Welcome to the AoC forums! ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ

  • thankyou ^.^
  • Welcome @Coatimundi :) Nice name!
  • Hello Helix. 
    Mainly because I spent the day at the beach, am totally sunburned and saying 'Hello Helix' sounds funny in my head right now. 

    Many of the best guildies I have had were military so you are doubly welcome here. 
  • Welcome to the community!
  • @Coatimundi
    Welcome back to the gaming world, Helix! (ノ^ヮ^)ノ*:・゚✧

    I hope you'll find a home once again! Take a stroll along the guild recruitment, maybe? Have you join AoC Discord?
  • Welcome to the community :smiley:

  • Welcome to the community, @Coatimundi!  Shout out if you have any questions.  Lots of helpful, friendly people around here.
  • Welcome to the ashes of creation community. 
  • A very warm welcome, fellow traveler. Surely you will like it here, this community is really something. Feel free to ask us any question you may have!
  • welcome to the community its always nice meeting fans of RTS
  • Thankyou. Im glad that the community is alive and well, gives me a lot of hope to see not only me but other people have shown that they see promise in this awesome looking game. :smile:
  • Semper Fi @Coatimundi! Welcome back to 1st CivDiv and the gaming community. Hope to see you out there. 
  • Welcome @Coatimundi! I hope you enjoy this community!
  • Semper Fi @Coatimundi! Welcome back to 1st CivDiv and the gaming community. Hope to see you out there. 
       OH I just got out of civdiv Lol. Back in boss.  ;) and thankyou. [On other note: Btw Kratz, nice signature]
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    *welcomes Helix with a salute, then feels bad and attempts 50 push ups to apologise*

    I feel so much better getting those ignorant stereotypes out the way.

    Yay another role play friendly person! Welcome to our happy community :smiley:
     Are you hoping to rp in ashes, or aiming more for pve, pvp, pv-everything?
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