Permanent buffs or modifiers to characters.

I am wondering if people want there to be things in the world. ESO has the werewolf and vampire things so i'm wondering if there will be similar things in Ashes. I don't necessarily want vampires and where wolves but maybe something along the lines of permanent stat modifiers for achieving something or discovering something in the world. 


  • EQ2 had something sort of like this, they had "Mastery" skills that required in depth knowledge of a type of monster / mob in order to use.  I wouldn't be against something like this in Ashes.  So maybe I can get bonus damage against orcs by killing many of them or even by some NPC teaching me about them after I bring him some different orc parts.
  • I hope they do some form of buffs for completing/doing different aspects of the game.  I bet they will have weapons too that will have buff effects against certain creature types.
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