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The last time you took out a subscription to a game.

What option did you take. Was it 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 9 months or yearly.
Did you base your time on how much saving per month you would get.

For me I start slow month by month, I need to know I want to play a game and see what the game has to offer. Once I decide I like it I sub for a longer period of time and I take the advantage of the small savings along the way.

The only 2 sub games I have every played was FFXIV for 3 months. Got to the end and said now what. My second game was Eve Online played 5 years with that enjoyed it until CCP lost their way with updates. Then I lost interest. But with Eve I too out either the 3 months or 6 months subs.


    • WoW for 4 years - monthly
    • FFXIV for 1 year - monthly
    Reason: No financial sense whatsoever
  • I paid yearly for the games I really liked and every three months for most others.
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    -Wow for about 10 years. Started out doing monthly then decided to buy 2 month timecards because of Canadian to us exchange rates. 
    -Final fantasy 14 for 2 years using 2 month timecards. 
    -Starwars the old Republic monthly for 1 year. 
    -the secret world lifetime subscription. 
    There was other MMOs I subscribed for like Warhammer online, wildstar etc, but didn't sub for years. 
  • I bought ESO Plus monthly every once in awhile, but haven't fully committed to a sub since Vanilla WoW or Lineage 2.
  • I've been ESO Plus 6-monthly sub since it started. I'm working and know I like the game, so sub long-term for the best deal. I also use reward Crowns from the game to buy the DLC parts so if ever I do decide to not sub, I do still have the full game (except, haven't bought the new Morrowind expansion but will do eventually once many others have ironed out any kinks by reporting them).
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    When I was big into raiding on WoW during Wrath I took out 6 month subs at a time, but most games when I'm just trying them out I do the 1 month at a time. I believe I did 3 months at a chunk of time for Archeage until that went down hill.

    Ashes will be the first game I went for a Life Time Sub.

    I can't recall the others, but I'm assuming I did the same 1 month to start, then 3 after that. 

    Memory is poor as it fills with more useless info about fart jokes and trivia

  • I actually prefer games with a sub, though have played a few that didn't have one. Have been playing ESO since beta and pay in 6 month blocks, do the same for other games if the option exists.
    Its not a lot of money for the hours of entertainment I enjoy.
  • Anarchy Online = 1 year at a time
    SWTOR= 3 month sub
    ESO= 3 month sub
    LoTRO = lifetime sub
    AA= 3 month sub
    Secret World= Monthly

    Many other games i cannot remember but usually went monthly to try them out.
  • WoW - 3 months 
    ffxiv - monthly 
    Will need to cancel my many Netflix/NowTV etc subs for Ashes lmao xD
  • Actually.... never xD
  • I've typically gone with monthly subs, for two reasons.  First, there's the initial uncertainty regarding whether or not @Isende and I will both enjoy the game.  Second, since everything we do with gaming is x2, it's easier on the budget to pay for the subs on a monthly basis.  True, it's a greater net cost over the same period than a lump sum sub.  But there usually isn't room in the budget to purchase 2 large subs at the same time.
  • I subscribed to WoW for 2 months, played like 16/60 days, got a level 100 mage panda, said this game is fucking shit and never played WoW again. x)
  • WoW 6 years, on 6month recurring (2005-2011)

    FFXI one year on monthly
  • Aprox.
    Wow 2 years
    Eso 1 year
    Darkfall 1 year
    Swtor 2 years

    Maybe some one more... I dont remember... 
  • I am still paying for everquest monthly but in the past I have paid for neocron monthly to. I could not tell you how long for though.
  • Always monthly.
  • Hmm, I really don't do much Sub Games. Unless you call paying for cash shop a sub LOL! But the real sub game I did play for a year or so back in the days when it was by sub was Aion (monthly).

  • WoW-  3 months,
    Runescape - year

    I've always played Runescape and I usually play WoW for 3 months before I get burned out.
  • I usually know up front if I'm going to like a game or if I am just going to  play to bide my time. 
    I normally take a 6 month sub otherwise 1 month if I'm only testing the waters.

  • Eh I've payed subs for tons of games. Everquest, WoW, SWTOR, LOTRO...many others. Still pay for ESO +. 
    If it's a good game, I don't mind supporting them. 
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    6 months at a time typically if Available. I still pay for a 6 month sub since launch with ESO. i keep forgetting to spend my crowns I have over 20,000  crowns in my ESO account right now. I get 9,000 per 6 month sub cycle. This game i Kickstart supported for the $500 Braver of Worlds level specifically for the lifetime sub though

  • If a game is sub or F2P I'll pay a sub in the hope it gets better but they never do. LOTRO, SWTOR, ESO just to name a few of the later ones.
  • Kratz said:
    If a game is sub or F2P I'll pay a sub in the hope it gets better but they never do. LOTRO, SWTOR, ESO just to name a few of the later ones.
    They started as subs then when things got went sliding down hill and  people left in droves they went to F2P.  When I see F2P for a game I never expect much.  
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    The last game I subscribed to was ArcheAge. 3 Monthly that lasted for about 3 years. If I think of the amount of money that disappeared into that game.. oof.. I'm a sucker for costumes in cash shops. :s
    Before that I paid monthly for WoW. Sometimes I purchase a single month to play for a bit again.
  • I havent subbed since EQ. I played WoW but on a family account so i dont count that. Also never liked it enough to hit end game. I always go for a yr sub to save the most
  • Subbed Lineage 2 for 6 years: last 3 years with 3 accounts running concurrently.

    Subbed ESO for last two years; do not really need to but want to contribute to a game I enjoy.

    Bought from Cash shop for Neverwinter & Path of Exile for no other reason to support the game.
  • Still have one on ESO I generally pay for them 6 months at a time
  • the list is long. WoW monthly, Wildstar I think I did a year or 6 months, WoW before that for a yearly sub because of diablo 3 and the deal they had with it. My brain mixes up years but in between swotr, rift, and age of conan was usually a monthly or 3 month sub to wow always going back to it because of time investment and the love of the lore.
  • Recently: BDO (yes I know technically it's not a subscription), LOTRO, and World of Tanks
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