Skill-setting: Anyone remember (original) Morrowind?

Maybe long before some of you started gaming (or life!), 'Morrowind' of Elder Scrolls/Bethesda Softworks fame gave you the start-of-game option to define yourself as an 'Adventurer.' That meant they presented you with the classes, and skill options, and you'd set them to whatever percent of weird - or precise - type of skilled character you wanted. 
I'd LOVE to see that as an Ashes option also.


  • Sounds like an interesting idea @Glosterian. How did they get around people maxing out the sliders, or was there a predefined limit you could spend on all of your stats?
  • Yes - you could only go up to a preset max of - IIRC - 20% on any skill...and you could also choose where you wanted to spread your 10 points of attributes - health, strength, intelligence, dexterity, stamina, luck...(can't remember them all).
    So e.g. mages were best with high intelligence which affected how well you performed (and how quickly levelled up in) magic obviously but also that affected such as alchemy skill, spell-casting skills and much more
    Ultimately it all had to add up to 100% and it gave the player a really strong say in what their character's starting skills were.
  • Yeah, it could be nice to have a fine touch in the skills like that. Gives a variation kinda feeling. Hope they will take the idea and build it better XD
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