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Let us welcome Belewyn to the Moderation Team

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edited August 2017 in The Newly Arrived
As Steven announced earlier tonight, @Belewyn has now joined the Moderation Team in aiding the community with the Forums and Discord!

Let's welcome Belewyn to the team! 

I should probably use this as an intro thread as well now that I think of it. So a little about me ... hmmm ... IRL I am a Corporate Healthcare IT Support team manager with a background in Aerospace Engineering! I found my way to AoC from a pretty linear background of MMO genre games. I was a long time LotRo guild leader (9 years) and a Community Moderator / Admin (6 years). I've also served as an Admin / Moderator in Arma3 (2 years), Moderator in Planetside2 (1 year) and have played most popular MMORPG games out there, such as WoW, BDO, GW1, GW2, Terra, ArcheAge etc ... long list I know, but I have been around for a long time =D Anyways, I am really glad to be part of the Community team here with AoC! I'm greatly looking forward to the epic adventure 3 ~ Belle


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