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Ashes Community Podcast Episode #003

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Hey my fellow Ashers, 

after all the positive feedback for episode one and two of our community podcast, we will be aiming for episode three now. The topic will be "PVP", so just like in the past two podcasts we will be looking for community members that are requested by you the community. We will talk about everything PVP related, while shining the spotlight on two community members.  Feel free to request and ask for anyone you want. We can't make them be on the podcast, but we can sure try. 

As always:

Want to be on the podcast? Click right here:

Do you have a question for the podcast? Click right here:

We will stream the Podcast live here:

You will also be able to rewatch the podcasts right here:

This podcast is completely pro bono and is not meant to make any money!! We are doing it in our free time and just for fun. I hope you join us and get to know your fellow community members.

Date will be: Sat. 22nd at 20:00 UTC +1


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