Thought about Range Classes

Hi together,
I would like to discuss something that's bothering me in quite a lot of games and what I never
saw really smoothly addressed: Range classes and close combat.

I am a big fan of the hunter class so I will be using this as a main example in my suggestion.
In my fantasy of a hunter I see an agile and stealthy fighter that specialized in long range attacks. He often works alone or is joined by his trusting animal companion. I like to make
comparisons to Drizzt Do'Urden (Forgotten Realms book series). What always gets me
hooked about this character is the flexibility he shows in combat that I am utterly missing in
most of the games. In particular I am referring to his quick change between the bow and his 
trusty short swords. It kinda always destroys my fantasy of a legendary hero hunter when I engage combat, pull the monster and after like 2-3 bow shots the monster stands right in front
of my character and all I can to is to keep firing my bow. In my fantasy, if the monster gets in
close combat range, my character should be able to switch from bow to close combat weapons
like daggers, swords etc.. From a design perspective I understand that this is no small task and includes a lot of extra work, but I think that this is not something impossible. 

So maybe it's best if I describe my ideal fantasy of this class mechanic at this point to give a
better example of what I would like to see in-game. In my ideal picture I would engage combat 
with my bow at first. The target is now rushing towards me which leaves me with two options. First one would be to use a disengage skill to get a bit of extra distance or second to bring out my close range weapons. So I choose option two and I bring out my close range weapons as soon as the target gets in close combat range. My range skills get replaced with rouge like close combat skills and a heated close combat begins.

I personally would be absolutely hyped to see something like this in-game, because it would
add quite a large amount of immersion to my gaming experience. In the good old classic days
of World of Warcraft the hunter class had a mechanic kinda like this and I simply loved it. The range skills hat a minimum range and would be unusable if the target was to close. Unfortunately you had no real close combat skills which pretty much left you as good as dead in close combat. I neither want such a mechanic to be considered as over powered or really be over powered. It would need a good balancing of course to get this working. I also can imagine something like this for mage classes. Why should a mage not be able to focus his energies into is staff or sword and engage combat like this if he is forced to fight in close combat? Considering a mage might still be able to keep casting (without a minimum range like a hunter would need to draw and fire his bow) by shielding himself with his magic. An example for such a mage class would be the new Red Mage from Final Fantasy XIV. He casts his spell at long range but also has some close range abilities.

I hope I could explain what I would like to see in-game and why I think this would be awesome and more immersive then what the majority of games is offering at the moment. I would really like to hear what you guys think about such a mechanic. Do you think it would make games more immersive? Do you see issues with such a mechanic? Are you against something like this? If so why? 

Please keep the feedback hate free and mature  o 

Of course I also would like to hear what the Devs think about this and I would really appreciate
a feedback from this site!



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