Swimming Mechanics or Drowning Skills :D

In the "Nodes Part One" Video Steven mentioned that "if the town had been formed along the coast, perhaps the fisherman would have caught something more dangerous". Although I am also interested in how the fishing system works (automatic, minigame or sth else entirely), the more burning question I was wondering about is: What would happen if you'd fall into the water? Perhaps something more dangerous would have caught the fisherman. :D
I've been tormented so far by awful swimming systems in MMOs. So that even when traveling alone and by foot, it was far more viable to walk along the river for a hundred meters to the next bridge, than to just swim through the river.
Also falling into a puddle while enemies were attacking me, was probably the worst ingame experience I ever had in an MMO. :s
Therefore my question is: Will there be a decent enough swimming mechanic in the game?


  • Since we unlocked underwater content and on top of the water content via the KS stretch goals, I am going to say yes.
  • Ah there it is, thank you I totally missed that.
    No more puddle awfulness. Take that puddles. :D
  • Wouldn't it be batter to have diving mechanics over drowning?
  • Wouldn't it be batter to have diving mechanics over drowning?
    My exact thoughts as I read the title :) Unless they wanna go for that drowning simulator game everyone was playing at one point... Hopefully not.
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