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Hello Ashes!

Just checking in on my Fellow Ashes community!

I haven't been paying as much attention after the Kickstarter campaign so I wanted to check up on things here. 

I'm still stoked for Ashes! And can't wait to see what steven and the team start to release as the months pass by! 

A couple questions though!

1. When will our forums Reflect our title from Kickstarter packages I.E.-Leader of men, Braver Of Worlds, Etc...

2. Have the other classes been showcased yet?

3. How do we verify if our account information is saved and kept secure for when the game releases to claim our rewards for backing?

That is all (: 

*Edited title, On Iphone at the moment xD*


  • And again looking forward to playing!

    I personally purchased the Leader of Men
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    1. Soon since the Campaign has ended - but reflecting on the survivor of the old forums badge delays, it might take a period of time to dish them all out :)

    2. The classes that we've had a sneak peek at are the PAX classes more information here :) All are primary archetypes only Tank, Ranger, Mage and Cleric :)

    3. You should be able to link your your account with your KickStarter email via a code sent to you via your email (check your junk etc if not in main inbox) if you haven't found it go to your KS purchase email which has your KS number and contact and they should be able to help you :) I'm sure various security measurements are in place to ensure our personal information is safe :) As a personal note always keep a copy of your receipts and proof of purchase if any incident ever occurs :)

    And - Welcome to our amazing community ! :33
  • Welcome to our community Nelson. The lovely frog lady said it all :)
  • As your inquiries have been kindly answered by my peers. I shall just bid you welcome. Please, enjoy your stay here.
  • Welcome welcome to the community of AoC :smiley:

  • Hello and welcome to the Ashes community.
  • Welcome to our community!  Just as above, great people will try to answer any questions you may have.   
  • Hello and welcome to the community. Hope you have fun on the forum
  • Welcome!
  • Welcome to the community, @Nelson_Rebel!
  • Welcome @Nelson_Rebel! May you find a hive of like minded folks in this community!
  • Kratz said:
    Welcome @Nelson_Rebel! May you find a hive of like minded folks in this community!
    I like hives. I hope I can act like some sort of hive queen as a summoner :p Many little summons :3
  • Thanks everyone! Appreciate the warm receptions!

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