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Alpha Phase

So i m a Student and i got a vacation Job, my question now is: What do i have 2 buy to have alpha access & where can i do this? Or am i 2 late? (because my paycheck is commin in atthe 15.9.17)


  • Hi @Yulia, every week, people registered on this site go into the draw to win alpha keys. Intrepid have also said that early access may be purchasable on the web store :)
  • So is it 2 late to buy a package at the Kickstarter Event? ( I mean those witch have in the description that u get early alpha access
  • @Yulia unfortunately the crowdfunding has finished :( 
  • ok. well thx for the information anyway :) i just was looking at the store, but u cant buy anything at the moment, am i right? ( i mean as an example the 150 Dollar founder package)
  • Sadly you can't purchase anything :( You just missed the KS by like a week but fear not! Next up is PAX and I'm pretty sure there will be various Packs available all the way to launch offering a wide range of merchandise etc ^^
  • Q_Q i feel like i missed my entire life right now xD.
    Well thx guys at least i now know what i m waiting for :)
  • Yulia said:
    Q_Q i feel like i missed my entire life right now xD.
    Well thx guys at least i now know what i m waiting for :)
    Still feel free to stay active on the forums and Ashes of Creation discord and keep up to date with all the news! We keep the hype train going ^^ 
    Luckily it's open development so we are not left in the dark for 2 years :3
  • Welcome to the Ashes community.  Being registered here on the forums gives you a chance to win an Alpha key.  It also gives you a chance to meet some great people.
  • Sorry you missed the crowdfunding but stay tuned who knows what they will put on the store as time goes on. 
  • Perhaps you'll win the the weekly raffles! Don't get yourself down, there will be plenty of opportunities to support the game and get yourself some goodies! 
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    Alpha access is currently available under the Limited PAX Alpha package here -
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