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Can someone make me a forum signature?

Before last night (or 12 odd hours ago), I had the signature pictures disabled, and when I turned them on, I was amazed by all the fancy signatures that people had, especially the animated ones! >v<
So I was wondering if someone could make me one. Preferably an animated one but not required. I just want the picture to be that of someone knightly (who cares for justice) wearing medieval armor.
The character  I based the above (though brief) character on:

What I have in mind:

And / Or:

I have uploaded a text picture thingie (is .psd and .png format) to the internet and can be downloaded here:

I do apologize in advance if this is asking a lot, I'm just not too familiar with the internet thing and my skills in Photoshop is utterly basic (last time I used it properly was in 2007). ;A;


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