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What is your main language?



  • Pitsnow said:
    No, it is not the same as German :)

    correct, it's worse :P sorry :D

    The german (+swiss-german) community is still pretty small ... :(

  • Chinese.
  • Baguette
  • Danish is not there haha

    but okay, we are a small country  B)
  • Danish
  • germany has only 9% :p lets hope there enough players to create some german alliances :p
  • I only play in English. From Québec here. In day-to-day life, I only speak French, and mostly/only type English, and read about half of each. I prefer my anime Japanese with English sub, but if with my boyfriend, will watch French sub or French dub. When I have a choice, I watch movies in VFQ, not VFF.
  • Welsh
  • I mean it depends. Like main language on the internet or native language? Anyway ahoy or ahoj, I don't even know at this point.
  • Un de plus  B)
  • English and Polish :wink:

  • cool post its nice to see where everybody is from and what their primary language is
  • Spanish!!!!
  • Spanish here. I want to say that it is a good idea to ask about.
  • First, I thought it was about native languages, then after reading the replies it seems like this poll is about what language community you're in? No clue.

  • Balkan FTW
  • Well my first language is english but filipino is also one of them  :)
  • English is my primary, but I can sprechen the deutsch a bit if need be. 
  • None of the above. According to Discord emotes on official IS posts, there are quite a few of us as our flag is usually up there, even if the post is made in the middle of the night.

    Shame on you, Shunex! Of should I call you Shamex? xD
  • Nederland (Dutch)
    German (not too great)
  • Ironically English is my main language even tho it was not my first. I moved to the US when I was 5 and all I could speak for a while was Korean. I remeber I had to watch Sesame Street in school with some of the other ESL students while the rest of the students were in English class.

    Wish I could speak more Korean that I currently can, I can read and write slowly. I can tell the taxi where to go and order food on the phone :)

    I speak a little Japanese as well, though I was much better at it after High School.

    It's nice to see some international variety in the forums. 

  • English is my main, but I know enough Spanish and French to get by.
  • Broken Engrlish @Shunex

    Oh u kno I aint lyin~
  • Korean!
  • Greek 😆
  • Fluent in German & English, did learn Spanish and I'm still able to understand it. Did learn French but forgot most of it. Only know the important things for food! <3

  • Xoriac said:
    Pitsnow said:
    No, it is not the same as German :)

    correct, it's worse :P sorry :D

    The german (+swiss-german) community is still pretty small ... :(

    @Xoriac Well, we grow! ^.^
    @ZeroBrain is here, too :lol:
  • ArchivedUserArchivedUser Guest
    edited April 2018

    An average over the community of 10% who speaks Spanish is not bad, considering that 100% of the content is still in English.

    Un promedio sobre la comunidad del 10% que habla español no está nada mal, teniendo en cuenta que el 100% del contenido aún se encuentra en inglés.

  • Klingon.

    Qavan nuvpu'!

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