The long journey

How long has it been, 4 or 5 months? I can't even remember anymore all I know is that I continue my journey. Home is what I searched for, A place I felt I belonged a place I felt I belonged. To drop the mystique I have been searching for an MMORPG that actually fits the bill. I am so picky when it comes to this genre its insane, I want customization of the character gear that doesn't all look alike, an open world that's interesting to explore and the ability to really make it feel like a second home to me. I stumbled upon this title in my never ending quest to find something that hit all those marks and with what little I know so far I feel as though I may have found it, my journey may coming to an end.


  • I hope you have found the lands you seek. But know at least this: you never truly journeyed alone, for we all tread the same path.
  • Thank you @Hedgia for choosing to share your journey with us. I extend to you the warmest of welcomes to our community.
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