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Some Poetry I wrote that carries a theme that fits AoC (I suppose)

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Road of Life


The paths of life we follow,

At times may seem in vain.

Do we follow roads not traveled,

Or walk the road that's plain.


Many hearts will falter,

And fall along the way.

But taking the road that isn’t often traveled

Will never be in vain.


Many walk the straight road,

Never thinking for themselves.

Always walking blindly,

Stumbling along the way.


Few are those whom follow their hearts,

Those whom seek the path of Truth.

Far more rewarding,

And always worth the journey.


Life has never been about the end result,

But instead essence is found in the journey.

Those who lead with their hearts,

shall always find the way.



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    The Essence of Truth


    Deep in the heart of our soul,

    Seldom do we go.

    Many of us fear to look inside and see,

    the very essence of who we are.

    Where do we turn to in time of doubt and need?

    Do we rely on the strength in others,

    Or find the strength in our self?


    Many look to the wisdom of the past,

    some look to new age teachings,

    Some find it not at all.

    Deep down inside we all have the calling.

    What a shame that so few of us take the journey.

    Across many lands some have traveled,

    Across open seas and vast plains.

    Yet some there are whom never even leave their doorstep,

    But in themselves rely.


    In all the fruitless searches,

    And all those whom have been a success.

    Those whom find the answer,

    Are those whom search themselves.

    The essence of all that is this world,

    all things which we see and touch,

    and those that remain elusive,

    Are all with our grasp.

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    The Search for Meaning


    To find the meaning of life,

    One need only to know themselves.

    Learning to love who they are,

    You must walk with your head held high.

    We were not created to walk in shame.

    The Creator has given us all great gifts.

    Shameful is the man or woman,

    Whom with malcontent in their heart

    Would throw aside a gift yet ask for another in turn.

    We each and everyone of us is unique,

    Given great meaning in life.

    We need only look past the learned ignorance’s,

    To see beyond the worldly views

    And at last see, the truth against the world.

    Great is the meaning of life,

    Holding different truths for each of us all.

    Follow your hearts on this great journey,

    Take comfort in yourself.

    For those who find truth in themselves,

    In time shall know much more.

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    Immortal Soul


    On the winds of time ever flows my soul.

    Effortless and free,

    Immortal in its kind.

    Through the sea of mists,

    Across lands forgotten.

    Passing through times lost in myths

    No longer known to man.

    It flows along the very fabric of creation,

    A life lived here a life lived there

    Lessons learned through time.

    Some lives lived in future

    Some lived in past.

    What are the bounds of time?

    Can man possibly know?

    He who limits understanding

    Can only limit self.

    For those whose Soul flows freely,

    Shall come to know in time.

    What man could possibly set the limits

    Of one immortal soul!

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    The flight of the soul,

    on the wings of dreams

    soars effortlessly through the night.

    Passing through memories,

    things once known

    and times now lost.

    Flying ever onward

    careless of time and space.

    What is the purpose

    of this fanciful flight?

    Are dreams merely our hopes,

    or even our fears?

    Or is there more meaning and value,

    in the dreams of the night!

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    The Dreamers Soul


    The soul of a dreamer,

    a truly free and magnificent thing.

    Gone are the shackles and restraints,

    the prejudice and misguidance of youth.

    A soul that is free to live,

    open to all things in life.

    Living life to the fullest,

    loving all things in kind.

    A soul that fears not the makings of this world,

    all of the lies and the deceit.

    One who sees clearly,

    in a world fraught with perilous deeds.

    Soaring high among the clouds,

    delving deep into the mysteries of the seas.

    A soul that knows no limits,

    who knows truly what it means to be free.

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    Where lay the boundaries of time?

    Are they truly so clear cut and defined?

    Perhaps they are more fluid,

    more easily changed than man yet knows.

    In the eyes of the dreamer,

    bendable and easily viewed as inconsequential,

    the limits of time are easily put aside.

    Our spiritual flights during the nights,

    often mistaken for valueless dreams.

    It is these dreams that hold the key,

    to a world of possibility

    where one can truly be free.

    No longer bound by the weights and burdens,

    free from the shackles and worries.

    The soul flies freely,

    gone are the restraints of time.

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    Free Soul


    Gently on the spring breeze,

    effortlessly gliding along.

    Floating here and there,

    flying across the sky.

    My soul is ever soaring onward,

    free as a bird flies.

    Living life to its fullest,

    enjoying all that comes my way.

    Taking nothing for granted,

    living each moment to its greatest extent.

    My soul has found its freedom,

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    World of Green


    To walk among the greenest fields,

    through the deepest of forest

    and down unto the lost Faery haunts.

    Great are the joys of finding things lost,

    Old ways that for centuries forgotten

    now find their ways back into our hearts.

    Paths once given false names,

    ones who were once persecuted

    once again walk free.

    Able to now enjoy the world,

    or what's left thereof.

    A place once loved and revered for its beauty,

    now taken for granted and misused at each turn.

    Have the old ways come in time?

    Can what has been wronged be put back together?

    Truth is in the heart,

    and only those with the strength to follow as such

    Shall ever know the find the way.

    Let your hearts be your guide in life,

    live freely and peacefully with all whom you can.

    Let us put forth our efforts,

    each in their kind.

    That one day the world which we live in

    can again be as pure

    as the whitest snowflake

    or the cool spring rains.

    That generations yet to come

    can again walk as free.

    That all might enjoy

    the great splendors of a world that is green.

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    The Boundaries of the Soul


    Where lay the boundaries of the soul?

    Is it shackled within the confines of our breast,

    as some would have it taught.

    Does it take its' seat in the head,

    as the timeless Celts have said.


    The soul in truth has no bounds,

    it is so much broader

    and so much grander in scope.

    To the ends of the universe,

    and then even back again.


    The limits of such a great thing

    as one immortal soul,

    can only be made by one unlearned.

    For in the essence of our soul

    therein resides an infinitesimal power

    to forever grow and learn.


    Wise is the man that with wisdom does learn,

    that only he can set the limits.

    And in truth be it known

    there can be no limits

    when before it none are set.

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    A softly spoken word,

    that echoes through my heart.

    A word whose meaning, is deeply rooted in the sands of time.

    We live our lives in search of this word,

    looking in many places

    and traveling many paths.

    Not as elusive as many may tell it,

    but its true value is learned in the journeys pursuit.

    The joys of earning this word can be unsurpassed in value,

    worth more than gold and diamond.

    A word whose teachings can be taken with us in every aspect of life.

    Where can such a word be found?

    Where must I go to find its meaning?

    The word is Truth,

    it can be found in the hearts of us all

    and its meaning is set with limitless potential,

    for a soul that is free.

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    Sometimes I stop and wonder why.

    Why do I try as hard as I do,

    why do I walk the paths I have chosen?

    Where in life do I plan to go,

    when all hope has faded and love is gone?

    To distant shores and fabled places,

    or to vanish into the forest

    myself alone to keep company.

    I wonder these things when times are the hardest,

    but despite all the despair I find in my heart

    I recall a love that is strong and a pride not to be bent.

    I look inside and all that I see

    is the unmarred beauty of the fairest of face.

    No other than yours whom forever I long,

    for your beauty sustains me when all else has failed.

    While I may still have pride,

    It’s empty alone and with out you in my life

    it would be all that I own.

    Each moment that passes

    of each waking day

    I thank you for being a comfort

    and for the love that you've gave.

    For without you to hold

    I would find only myself,

    Alone and cold in the darkness of night.

    Each time that I see you

    and look again on your face,

    I remember these things and ever do long,

    to always be near you and always belong.


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    Summers’ Dream


    Resting gently without a care in the world

    Listening to my heart beat, continuously in time.

    The winds blow softly through my open door

    The sounds of summer reaching me inside.

    The springtime has ended and with it the rain

    I now feel the warmth and sunlight on my face.

    Thoughts floating by like clouds in the sky

    Ever do I soar, as free as the bird fly's.


    Freely drifting just like the wind,

    I soar from east to west like a gull in the sky.

    I see kids running happily as overhead I go

    Parents unmindful watching the freedom of youth.

    Souls are brought piece and rest for a time

    Remembering youth or other great times.

    Breathing in softly I return to my home

    Down through my hall way and back to my room.

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    Following life down its long winding road,

    turning and coiling

    like a serpent upon its tail.

    Ever leading and carrying each all along,

    I find hard to try and keep on.

    Hardships and mishaps befall one and all,

    but those whom shine brightly,

    are those that stand strong.

    Harsh are the winds

    that the fates do bring

    blowing in directions

    we not always belong.

    Follow your hearts cry

    and there you will find,

    the strength to stand freely

    and with it belong.

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    Walking in fields of green,

    Dreaming of days of the past.

    I look to the times of youth,

    In this season of rebirth.

    Winter is quickly fading,

    And Spring has come at last.

    All things are now growing,

    As nature begins to awake.

    Animals are now stirring,

    Reveling in the sun.

    The snows are all melting,

    As the rains will soon come.

    Now is the season of beginnings,

    A time to renew.

    Winters hardships are gone,

    For Spring has arrived.

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    Nights Escape


    Walking on trails of deep woods

    In the darkness of night,

    I find myself wandering and walking astray.

    Walking on pathways not before seen

    Going to places never I've been.

    Whispers of music arising to ear

    A dance in my heart With it doth grow.

    Effortlessly abounding and merrily swept

    I follow the voices in deep woods abode.

    I walk through the night and in it I find

    A gathering of Faeries in clearing of woods.

    Dancing and frolicking, singing away.

    Happy is my heart to find such a joy

    I join in with them and night goes astray.

    For ore yonder skyline does Sun yet approach

    The night is now fleeing and with it my soul

    Back to my bedroom a humble abode

    For day is approaching and dream time now ends.

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    Worries and Fear


    Sometimes we try just a little too hard,

    Again then we try with little effort at all.

    Full of our comings and goings,

    The frustrations of our days.

    How often do we look

    For the joys not seen by the eye.

    Do we ever spend time

    Day dreaming like in youth.

    Have we lost our imaginations,

    Replaced by worries and fear.

    When do we take the time

    And sit all alone

    Pondering over thoughts

    On Other-world shores.

    Life’s meanings are great

    Don’t get caught up in the pain.

    Learn to walk in harmony

    With truth as a guide.

    Your spirit shall have its freedom

    And bring release to your mind.

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    Free Fall


    Free falling, as rain from the sky.

    Everything's passing by, as I race to the Earth.

    Through clouds and wind, ever onward.

    Not caring for the ending,

    A race to the finish of life.

    No matter what I do,

    Free falling still am I.

    Effortlessly dropping, from highest points of sky.

    Not a care for tomorrow.

    Living only for today.

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    Stand of Truth


    Striving to find, a peace in my heart.

    Unbalance and chaos, the essence of all.

    Through turmoil and trials, I face unashamed.

    My life is my own, and the choices as well.

    I fear not the sayings, of men unlearned.

    Dogmatic ways, forged from the fall of grace.

    Understandings and logic, no longer come free.

    Men walking through life, no values there to be seen.

    All claiming to titles, or roles of fame.

    With little knowledge, or wisdom the same.

    Why do we allow this, or follow in their ways.

    To question what is of truth, no longer viewed as right.

    Still I tread onward, unmarked by their claims.

    I find in self my answers, needing no man to set my way.

    I follow life's course, on wings of freedoms skies.

    Sharing rays of light, to help light others sky.

    Truth may be subjective, in mortal men's unseeing eyes.

    But in the heart of those, whom within their soul resides.

    The flame of inspiration, the fire in the head.

    Truth is seen quite clearly, no guide need be had.

    Turnings to teachings of wisdom, from times long ago.

    We walk through life quite boldly, not fearing mans reprove.

    Open hearts are wandering, exploring ways of youth.

    With courage unabated, and minds open to it all.

    Some are made much brighter, in the shinning wisdom of truth.

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    I have risen on wings made of mystical thought,

    Through radiance and fire I have passed unscathed.

    Across great lands I have passed,

    Even down to the depths of the Sea.

    A great many things have I seen in my quest,

    Surpassed only by the things that yet have I to learn.

    Freedom is a song which comes forth from my heart.

    Many deeds have been awoken with timeless wisdom's call.

    My thoughts begin to wander and to them I heed the call.

    Again I begin to wander and to drift here and there.

    Through glades of green grass growing even unto forest halls

    Beside the streams and rivers flowing, finally into sea.

    My soul is soaring onward, effortless and free.

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    Looking into the darkness,

    the remnants of a world once lush and green.

    Gone are fertile valleys,

    even the farms and fields.

    The skeletons of vast cities

    are all that seem to remain.

    Where have all the forest gone?

    Could man have destroyed them all?

    Questions without answers,

    though conclusions could be drawn.

    Now all that’s left is the darkness,

    in a world that once was green.

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    Lost in the midst of it all,

    Trying to find a way to get by.

    She thinks to herself,

    Amidst the sobs and the cries.

    How could her life have gone so amiss?


    With effort she tries

    To make sense of it all.

    Yet her wisdom has failed her

    And no light can be seen.

    Whatever happened to the happy days of youth?


    She strives to look forward,

    Across the boundaries of time.

    But for all of her efforts,

    No hope does she find.

    Why does she feel so badly inside?


    When all hope has faded

    And days seem at end.

    She turns to the darkness,

    For no love can she find.

    When will life take her and show her the truth?


    Lost without answers,

    An inspiration she finds.

    Turning back to her ancestors,

    A path through the toil she now does find.

    No longer afraid of living, peace she can find!


    Knowledge and wisdom,

    Forthwith do spring.

    As she now reenters,

    The fulfillment of life.

    Wonders and pleasure again can she see.

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    Fire in my head 


    In my head burns a fire,

    kindled in the depths of time.

    Burning without satiation,

    feeding on all that can be learned.

    A deep well of inspiration,

    from which great creations spring.

    Like the smithies hammer,

    I forge from the flames

    visions from another world,

    no place in this life can they claim.

    In a world without imagination,

    its only the fool who is not blind.

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    Love Lost


    Deep in the darkness of my soul,

    I look for the signs of light,

    Where possibly could every thing that I once held pure and good have gone.

    I look for the traces of you,

    The joy of love long lost.

    Could things have possibly gone so wrong,

    Has our fate truly come to this?

    Never in my heart could I have ever seen the day,

    A time when all that I had loved would unabashedly be torn apart.

    Once to me you were as pure as the untouched snow,

    A sign of life unmarred by the troubles of this world.

    Your love was like the rays of the sun,

    Life giving and plentiful at all times.

    But now the day has come to its end and all that's left is night.

    Where has all the love gone,

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    I'm slack jaw in awe at your talent Belle! <3
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    lexmax said:
    I'm slack jaw in awe at your talent Belle! <3
    Wow, thank you @lexmax <3
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    Wow, thanks for sharing something so personal in your poetry - great work!  B)
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    Mr.C said:
    Wow, thanks for sharing something so personal in your poetry - great work!  B)
    Glad to hear that you enjoyed =) I figured despite is crude verse that some might fancy it.
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    WOW. Simply WOW.
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    Tirithel said:
    WOW. Simply WOW.
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    Thank you Bele,  A lot of these spoke to me on a personal level.

    I can't count the number of times that I've felt on the edge of some understanding or some great creation or triumph of my own, only to get discouraged and retreat into some form of distraction, losing my grasp of that one special thing.

    I know I need to try harder.  Perhaps a daily dose of Belewyn Poetry will guide me in that direction? :)
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