Hyperlinks with multiple query parameters do not work

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I just saw this in my post here. When hyperlinks contain more than one query parameter (e.g. https://google.com/search?text=this&order=ascending) the '&' gets escaped to an "&" both in the pop-up dialog when leaving the forum, as well as on the extra page when leaving the forum. This breaks the function of external links with more than one query parameter, as most websites don't know how to handle "&".

Real-life example from my linked post:


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    Good morning,
    Could you please log a ticket with the CS team at Intrepid for follow up. They can then follow up. Thank you.

    Q: How do I place a ticket with the Customer Support team at Intrepid?

    • A : To log a ticket with the Customer Support (CS) team, please navigate to https://www.ashesofcreation.com/ and in the bottom right of the screen click on the "? Support" tab. This will take you to a text bar. Enter in [Your issue / inquiry here] and hit enter. This will populate a Contact Us tab. Please select this and fill out the forum with the appropriate details.

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