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Howdy from the new guy! aka Truklhats and Wiladancer

After a couple decades of game play, starting with awesome frame rates over a 14.4kbps US Robotics PCMCIA card, I have literally stumbled across this game that was highly recommended by a YouTube guy named Vress. I love the look and feel of where this is going and am certainly interested in learning more!

I would love to reconnect with folks who I have played with before and are friends still thanks to MySpace and now Facebook. From Bard turned Hunter, I find fun in helping out others

As for me, I used to pour tons of time into the EQ world with my Northstar Legion pals, but drastically changed priorities when I became a dad. Now my son who used to watch me game from his booster seat is driving, so yes, I'm that old. Besides enjoying the social life of MMO, I do a bit in the music world and, here's a shocker, work in the IT space. Living up in the Boston area (Bahstan) so hit me up.

Keep smiling and here's to enjoying a new world. 



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