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Old and New - SO EXCITED for new friends!

First, I'm so mad at my husband for not telling me about the Kickstarter when he first learned about it - we just got married Aug 1st and he's already in dog house trouble(jk, kinda). We were both long time EQ players, started playing right after Planes of Power. We made so many life long friends in EQ, I can't wait to make more in AoC.  

I watched one video of the AoC gameplay and I can't wait to get started!!! 


  • A very warm welcome to the Community  ! Hopefully he finds a good way to redeem himself lol :)
  • Belewyn said:
    A very warm welcome to the Community  ! Hopefully he finds a good way to redeem himself lol :)

    LOL if he doesn't IRL, he'll have to in game. I expect lots of gifts - namely fun drops and loot.
  • make him buy you a digital pet to make up!

    and welcome!
  • Trust me, he's going to be working very hard keeping me alive in game since I usually play a tank class and he's my buffer/healer. I figure if he gets me a pony I'll be satisfied haha!
  • Welcome @Canikkiny! Long time EQ player here also, started the first month it was live and played for 5 years. It is amazing, I also made several life long friends from playing that game. Those that slay together stay together! 

    Glad to see you made it here! 
  • Hi @Cannikiny - guess it's ' <3 Congrats <3 ' too as well as Welcome!
    You both sound like a great team - has he joined the forum too - for his own protection? (It's just that some mere males here may be able to offer him some ideas on how to survive marital gaffes? . . . i.e., what not to say or do, sometimes!).
    Lovely that you're (Both?) with us!
  • @Glosterian Yes, he's on the forums also lol. We played a variety of MMORPGs before and he's always been my healer/buffer. He lets me go wild on mobs and keeps me alive. IRL he does the research and planning for all our games. So I guess I'll keep him around a little while longer haha :D

  • Welcome to our community @Canikkiny. I hope you and your husband will have an awesome time together in the community and eventually in the game :)
  • Hello @Canikkiny o/ and welcome to the community  :)
  • Hey welcome to the community :)
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