how do i download ashes of creation so i can play?

how do i download ashes of creation so i can play? please someone help me out 


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    So, you're saying - and I was kind of aware of this before but graphics have a way of cementing things - that if you happen to 'win' a key somewhere you get a whole year of access over people who actually backed the game with thier money.

    I'm not assuming that key giveaway alpha will run a whole year, but there is already at least 2 phases of KS alpha's which helps manage numbers a little more which I understand is an issue concerning early builds etc, and actually was quoted as 'Earliest access to Ashes'

    Also I am aware that dates, times change. But it's going to be a long year wait after knowing the first general public is playing / testing.
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    @Xephita The alpha 0 will be more of a dog and pony show for a very limited group and very limited time under NDA. The earliest access to Ashes was yet another example of IS word smithing stuff to fit a narrative. The persistent Alpha phase 1 will be an actual testing alpha build while the alpha 0 will most likely be an on rails limited experience similar to what they are going to do at PAX. So while they will get a small demo taste, alpha 1 will be the full game map, just buggy as hell with none of the systems optimized or finalized, thus being "earliest access to Ashes."
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