Of the Primary class builds released for PAX, which do you like best? And why?

Of the Primary class builds released for PAX, which do you like best? And why?



  • Personally this one is tough for me. I really love playing both the Tank and the Cleric class in games. It's going to be a hard choice for me to make but this time I am leaning towards the tank. No specific reasoning just yet, but we shall see =)
  • For me I vote Tank :) Sounds daft but it's actually really nice seeing Tank skills that allow control of the battlefield ^^ It is rare you see them now :) I'm really excited for tanks and can't wait to see the range of tanks we can have in Ashes :)
  • I made my choice based on the armour design more than the class skills but it's a tough one because I always prefer play two handed, great sword wielding, heavy armoured maidens.
  • I like the whole "master of life" theme they are going with the cleric. That the life they restore to their allies has to come from somewhere and isn't just created from no where. I do hope that the damage done by the abilities stays as a mechanic  just for the flavor of the theme and doesn't become a mechanic that causes the cleric to be a hybrid dps later in development.
  • Most games I play a healer.  I'm sure Ashes won't be any different. Though I'm known to play a ranger also.  hmmmmmmmmm choices!  
    That mage is looking good too.  For the Pax release I guess I'd choose the Cleric.  She is sooooooooooo..........................Ya she is!

    Two years to decide.  Maybe I'll know by then.   
  • Always the healer. I love to support my team, plus I like fast queue times lol. I am not sure about the sub class, we shall see as I usually would pick a mage or another magic class. 
  • Mage because well....Mage.
  • I like turtles
  • I picked Mage because of Implosion which lights people on fire. lol. And Mage's Escape which might let me cross rivers without waiting for winter to freeze them over. I also like Mage's Detection so I can hide in secret places, take short cuts, and find hidden caches of stuff. I think I might be a Vek Orc Mage so I can fight, do weirdo stargazing stuff, whatever that is, forge cool stuff, and take secret passages. 
  • Because Mage.
  • lexmax said:
    Because Mage.
    @lexmax gets me
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    Ranger, but all depends on the CD of a few of the spells.
    Tank would be a very close second.
  • Rogue because even his Skillset is hidden :D
  • I like the other half that haven't been announced.

    Give me the last 4! Pls~
  • I really like the Impale and Righteous Fury attacks for the Tank.
    2nd would be Ranger, mostly for Marked Arrow and Hail of Arrows.
    3rd Cleric, I am really interested in seeing how the whole "balance of life" works out.
    The only class that doesn't sound like my play style is the Mage, although I like the use of the teleport and images spells.
  • a ranger is all for me. i love that kind of support role that is has
  • I am going to have to go with the ranger on this one. It looks like good DPS and some light crowd control. Tracking is cool, and I remember having a ranger in EQ check to see if named MOBs were up or where players were at. The skills are all familiar to some degree as anyone who has played EQ or WoW would agree, and that is cool. No need to reinvent every wheel. Making the game accessible is a selling point.

    I am super excited to see all the classes in action!  
  • I would have loved to read the descriptions but alas I require it to be magnified a little more or can someone link a site where I can read them without squinting.
  • I chose the ranger cause he looks really cool but I would also try the cleric because he has some cool skills that cover a diverse range of play style. 
  • I will always be a tank player, but I hope the final skillset will have some kind of movement ability to get into fights, otherwise you are most likely going to be useless in big fights. If not, might have to go the Fighter route who has a confirmed charge. Maybe with some augments he can control the battlefield a bit as well.
  • Tank all day long (especially after seeing that wall, am shallow, I like pretty glowy things)!
    Always end up being a tank, with a RL friend as a healer. But the Cleric (with their glowy spells and effects) has me intrigued. 
  • First of all - ranged classes only (don't like to get my teeth kicked in :P)
    Prefererence is DPS...so I'm split between mage and ranger. Which one I'll know when I tried them out to see which one feels most comfy.
  • Tank and cleric both sound awesome for their role.

    Between Mage and Archer, I prefer mage more as it seems just a tad more PvP oriented, with bit more CC / protection.. while ranger seems more like a damage buff for group.

    As I am more a PvP player, from this little bit I know about mage and archer, I preffer a Mage for now.

    Archer would imho, arguably be a bit better for PvE than mage, due to it's damage buff for everyone.
  • The Tank looks interesting, I like that he can block projectiles with his wall and has enough cc/shield skills to be pretty fun in the long run.

    From the limited skillpool shown in the video, he seems the most fun for me atm. 
  • Out of the four, I was torn between Mage and Cleric.  I've played a healer, ranger, and mage in past games.  The Cleric's skills is one of the reasons why I picked it over the Mage (though as I said, it was a hard decision).  Yet, another reason was because the staff is not just a prop or means of channeling power, it can actually be used to whack someone!  I look forward to seeing the PAX streams, and watching individuals play these four classes!
  • I like them all but of the 4 the ranger is probably the one I'd play first
  • I don't plan on playing any of these four as a main archtype (we'll have to see what Fighter and Summoner look like) but they're all awesome!

    I voted Cleric though for Intrepid's fresh take on the class and that it's one that can really get involved in combat given the Clerics usual stereotype.
  • I picked ranger from this list just because of the predator intro that was released,nothing more,I personally want to play summoner.
  • Said this before but tank.
    Love the look of the tank skills from the PAX opening presentation, just loved the taunt, lift the shield and bash your weapon onto its face, come at me bro.
  • Played tank for 3 years in ArcheAge, I swore to myself that I will never play a tank again. But now, after seeing the abilities of a tank in Ashes, I am not sure if i was drunk or not when making that oath... Let's hope i was :smiley:
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