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Origin of the Wolf

Origin of the wolf

Once upon a time, there was a tribe of humans, at the time, they worshipped quite a few gods for different purposes.
Just to name a few of their gods would be Aesara the goddess of the moon, she was one of the most important for the tribe.
The next god was Ilikur, he was the god of the sun
The third god was Ysheir goddess of healing
Lastly of the known ones we got Tirakir the god of getting things done
It is still believed they had many more than just four gods and goddesses but theres simply no source anywhere.

They were all prayed to for different purposes, Tirakir being if you had something and could not sit idle by waiting for whats going on in your head
Ysheir would be prayed to if someone was sick and needed help
Ilikur was prayed to for strength
Lastly Aesara was prayed to when you needed to prepare yourself, for patience.
The tribe were thriving with the help of their gods for all their different purposes
until one day when rival clans had enough of the prosperity of the tribe
and decided to march on to pillage the tribe from all its worth.
Sadly the tribe had no idea this was going on so they were not prepared and when attacked, the surviving members had to flee from their village which left them with four people according to the source.
Not having a better idea, the gods only came up with one idea, that only might work for them in the future, that was, to be reborn as spirits and lose their status of gods and no longer be a deity, so to save their tribe, they had to sacrifice their powers as a deity.
In order to do this, they would have to combine their own soul with a human and reproduce, thats the only way for a deity to become a spirit instead.
Luckily for them, the survivors were evenly split, two women and two men, so it wasnt too hard.
Fast forward nine months, where they in the meantime had found a place they would be safe, the gods would be reborn as spirits instead, every couple had reproduced two each, however its different from what people think, the couples had normal children except for one thing, they were all born with wolf blood thus creating the first humans of the wolf clan
A person always had one of the wolves as their spirit animal and would be in touch with their inner wolf through telepathic communication, the wolves themselves could talk among eachother, however the humans couldnt since they could only hear their own.
Being born with a wolf comes with more traits than just communication, everyone gets some specific traits depending on which they had, they all were also good at different things making them good at different jobs around their town that they would have down in the future.
The first four wolf men were oddly enough all men, this would not mean anything for future generations though.
To take a look at all their different feats, we will start with the White wolf and end with the Black wolf.
The first White Wolf was known as Ilak'iri 
He was the man that united many small clans with his pure heart always wanting to do his best at saving the people that needed his help, with a good heart he always did everything with the best intent and it worked really well for them all since after many years of surviving they finally build up their town after getting peace!

The first Brown Wolf was Ys'hun
He was known as a man of great capabilities, they had encountered a few diseases on their journeys and it didnt really seem to both Yshun too much since he had no problem curing it with his knowledge of herbs and restoration magics that he learned when he became older, he was also a great spokesman for peace among people, if there was a fight going on between people, he was the one they would go to for wisdom on the matter!
The first Grey Wolf was Tyl'aki
He was well known for bringing justice, if someone did something wrong, he would not hesitate to go after said person right away, he did not want to sit idle and wait for a plan on what to do, giving the perpetrator time to escape, if someone did something, he would take action immediately, if there was a camp of traitors or other enemies close by, he wouldnt hesitate to go clean it up.
This kind of attitude could also blow up in his face, such as times where he jailed an innocent person because he didnt want to sit and wait for evidence, ofcourse this didnt happen as often, but it did happen!
Now lastly, we got the first Black Wolf that was Ae'sur
He was perhaps the one with the most impressive feats depending on how you look at it, he was the general of the shadow unit, they were basically first hand the scouts and the spies and were always out scouting the areas for potential threats and notifying the others if one was found.
If a threat was found but it was a small one that could potentially grow, they would be allowed to just go in and remove the threat once and for all, however if it was a big one they were to just go right back home and notify all the others!
In a war, they would be send to do whatever necessary to win the battle, now heres where Ae'sur differs from the units, while they are just good at staying in low profile, Ae'sur was a master at not getting seen, he could literally be standing in pure line of sight without anyone seeing him due to his stealth, as long as he would remain passive, no one would see him, but if he would take action they would be able to spot him, this meant he have been able to clear so many threats that others could only start to imagine, he even likes to collect the skulls of the captains hes killed as a trophy and make bonearmour or what else he could get of use from the skulls and bones! 
At one point he had a whole set of armour primarily made of skulls and normal bones, that set of armour he would only use in war as to demoralise the enemies!
The greatest feat was when he, by himself, cleaned a whole room of 20 enemy troops by himself in less than 15 seconds, which means he killed more than 1 person every second!
This is where the whole Wolf Clan started, now you have seen its origin, how it started, you have likely also heard about what happened to the clan later on, but if you havent, dont worry, that is for another time!

(Wish i could make it more centered, but it would take forever since i can only take really small bits at a time... anyways, for those that want more information but havent seen the other lore i did, which is based on my character, here it is: 
If you want to make your own backstory around this, you are free to do so, just let me know, also, as i said, there could be more wolves, so if you want, you can always create more of them and specify traits, you can use any of it for your own purposes as long as you let me know, specifically so i can see it for myself! :) )
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