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Im sure that the graphics systems will pose a probably for most seing the high graphics will shorten the amount of players able to play seeing i had to get a new CPU for this game because the last was not able to give the full experience of the scene as landcape and  such. So will the low graphics be able to fun on the intel processors or is this a game that requires A computer able to run high graphics and nothing less then a i5 core processor


  • The development PCs are running on Ryzen 7 and GTX 1080ti and they seem to run the pre-alpha build just fine.

    However, Intrepid intends AoC to be a massive MMORPG, eg. many players on screen at once, so it will be very optimized.
  • From the FAQ:

    "We are using the Unreal 4 engine for development. Most of the artwork of the game is optimized to play on mid-range hardware made within the last six years. Additionally, we are exposing many optional settings which will improve performance on lower-than-minimum-specification hardware"

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    I'm trying to remember this from a few months ago, but they seemed to be saying that they were aiming for the game at launch to be playable on any reasonable computer system from within the last five years. 

    So if you have a decent graphics card / cpu etc etc now, it should still be valid at launch... well that's their aim as I understood it. :)
  • Above is the DEV PC specs =)
  • The game launches in 2+ years. So u have time to wait to perform an upgrade if necessary. Like with the new intel CPU's 8th generation. the i3 8300/8350k has 4 cores and amazing performance. So u can go lower then i5 in newer gen components! In 2 years another CPU will have hit the shelves..
    Most important is your GPU when gaming. What are u using right now?

  • Thank you for posting this @Belewyn. I needed some minimum specs for the PC I'd like to have for my engagement so this is coming in handy.
  • UE4 is used in games right now, if your PC can run Ark or PubG you really should not have an issue.
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    Thanks for the info @Belewyn
  • Belewyn said:
    That 1200W PSU must be there if they are running it with 2x overclocked vega 64 graphics cards in the future :lol:
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    Hmm.. they do have slightly more RAM. My ram however is faster and my cpu slightly faster to.
    I should be fine already then probably ;D

    But yeah, as said above me somewhere .. developers never make a game optimised/low enough graphics for any lower-end device at the time of the project. No reason to if its going to take 2 years more to develop and then not be able to keep up with the quality of all the other games :P
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    That's the funny thing about computer systems and games......the moment you sit down and start creating something you have technically antiquated yourself. So even if you are working on bleeding edge graphics today, by the time the game releases in 3+ years you are only at mid-high level graphics comparatively.
  • Looks like my computer could handle it just fine now. In two years' time I'll have a new one, though :p
  • Thanks for the info @Belewyn! :)
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