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Welcome New Players! Let me be your PvP Guide!

Hey guys! Welcome to the most anticipated MMO on the spectrum currently. You made a great decision to join the community. I welcome you with the intent to bring to you all the information you seek strictly for PvP. My name is Mjolnir and I am a hardcore pvp player. All my life, I was focused on competition and beating the next guy. This pushed me toward MMO's becuase of their pvp systems. From Diablo 2, to Wildstar, to Starwars: The Old Republic, to of corse, World of Warcraft. I mention this because my reputation was based on being a skilled player who would help anyone and everyone with thier class, which is why I played almost every class in every mmo that I played. Most currently, I played BDO as many others did. PvP tournaments were a thing that I wanted to hold and held a couple between guilds and players that I personally knew. What I want to do is the same thing with Ashes of Creation. The focus would be a PvP tournament based on how many players would be interested, broken up into seperate days or weeks depending on the demand of the tournament. If you would like to take part in the tournament when Ashes goes live PLEASE LET ME KNOW! This tournament would be held 2 months after release to give time to players to push there characters and gear them accordingly. Please take part in this as this will build a strong connection between players! Thanks guys and gals, and see you in-game! (Link to a questionnaire I made on google talking about PvP Strictly.) (PvP doc I had made under an old username. Information is still valid, but out of date.) (Lastly, this is a poll to see if you would be interested in PvP tournaments held by me and if you would like to help)

Thank guys and gals!
I'll see you in game!

-Mjolnir. (Mjolnir#1102 on Discord)


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