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Lifetime Subcription


Is there any plans to continue the life time subscription/ future events to allow this?



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    edited September 2017

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    @UnknownSystemError Do you actually sell that cough?
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    The couch? Inside joke for those in the know. I'm sure someone will come along and point you in the right direction. Would have changed the sig awhile ago, but they have been broken for the longest. Not only can you not add images, you can't delete/change the ones you have atm.
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    There are no plans to add packs/events for lifetime subscriptions as far as we know.

    Players who backed during the KS and Summer extension may be offered from time to time opportunities to upgrade their packages which includes to the $500 pack which offers the lifetime sub.
    Knowledge for now is that it's a KS and Summer exclusive offer.

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    There was a virtual shitstorm of bad juju when they wordsmithed the Lifetime Sub so they could offer it during the Summer Backing. Legions of armchair, amateur lawyers came out to post on the meaning of the word "Exclusive". And basically pissed off the whales. Those who didn't think twice about dropping $400 or more on basically a shiny promotional video. Their statements on this leads me to believe the last can of worms they want to open is the Exclusive Lifetime Subscription issue.
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    Good morning,

    There are no plans to offer lifetime subscriptions at any time again at this point.


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