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Hi there,

I just learned of AoC this very morning. I started playing MMOs in 1999, enjoyed four years of EQ2, played some Vanguard (to buggy on release and my hardware was not up to it :D) and several other MMOs which have been done by different devs. I have been interested in further adventures in Norrath, but hey, I am sure this Verra has nice daughters too ;)

I am very intrigued by this node system. Though I am not a huge fan of pvp, the games ideas sound amazing. But over the years as a veteran MMORPG player I have learned patience and not to get too enthusiastic during feature discussions in an upcoming game.

I am a member of a german MMORPG guild as well and will sniff around for the coming months to see whether Verra could be a new home for some of my fellow players.

Good stuff so far. You have great ideas. I am very curious if and how they will work out when the release is around the corner. ;)


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