Rogue Skill Ideas

Which one or more of these skills would you like to see implemented?  Comment if you like more than one.


  • Being able to slip away in to the shadows would be cool I think.
  • It'd better be a kunai/shuriken

  • *Rogue

  • One you didn't mention: Safe Fall - a skill that can be leveled up to take less damage on a fall.
  • Bumpity
  • What about a skill/passive that allows for disarming your enemy?
  • Your ultimate sounds a bit OP but the grappling hook would be great imo. Hope somebody leaves a window open for me in @Mazikar's tavern!
  • Active: Grappling Hook [Use a grappling hook to reach and overcome obstacles for you and your party]

    This would be more likely to be one of the utility skills/items than an class ability.

  • Whilst I do not think this should be a main feature of the class, I think something like this would fit well as an augment from an appropriate 2nd class choice.

    I love rogues and would love to see the ability to choose whether you want to be a stealthy revert to the shadows after dishing out some damage kind, or an upfront brutal damage dealer type.
  • I think leeching should be a feature of specific weapon (or enchants on weapons) rather then class skill (of any archetype).

    Some weapons could come with an extra DOT effect, some could give you leech, etc.
  • Grappling Hook would be a great infiltration tool...
  • Backstab, Shadowstep and Stealth are common Rogue stuff. If its not allready planned for their Rogue then y RIP.
    so i go with the Grappling Hook
  • Being able to go into the shadows is what makes rogue apealing to me :)
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