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I for one am really pumped to hear more about the fighter class. I've always loved the dual wield classes and there seem to be very few in other games that dual wield SWORDS. The concept art on the that show a Gannicus -esque sword fighter looks perfect. 

Any more fighter concept art? or for the unshown 4 classes?


  • I can't wait to get more info about the fighter. Unfortunately, it might be a while. Might have to wait until after alpha 0 since only the four previously shown classes will be part of it. 

    I also share the dream of having a dual wielding fighter. I plan on having mage as my secondary, so I will be able to have a fiery sword (hopefully). 
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    I think this is the only concept we have of the fighter. It's a gif from the kickstarter page. The picture you linked is from pathfinder and i'm not sure why it's there.
  • Ugh I hope it's not the image you linked. 
    Even if it's stolen from somewhere, I'm hoping the image that's on the actual ashes of creation website is representative of the class. 
  • Sorry, i probably should have said that it's not a good example but i think it is the only concept we have of a fighter. It will look better. Here might be a better image to look at. Classes aren't locked to one kind of armor or weapon so imagine this model using your dream weaponry.

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    .( was trying to upload gif - its being a d!ck )

  • The appearance doesn't matter - that can be change via Character Creation Screen.
    All i can say is that i hope they get some abilities that'll allow they t catch Long-Range  :D
  • I expect the fighter to be able to able to both dual wield and wield heavy, two handed weapons, as well as sword and board. A fighter has been traditionally the most flexible class in D&D and similar RPGs in terms of weapon selection, and I hope that Intrepid will follow that trend. Want to dual wield daggers? Sure, just make sure you don't get hit. Got no tank around, but that enemy over there looks like he'll be dealing heavy blows? Put away a sword and draw a shield to block the attacks. Flying enemy? Draw a bow, shoot him from the sky and get back at him with your greatsword.
  • Then you will be pleasantly happy. It has been put out there a few different times that there is no weapon locking. If you want to be a fighter with sword and board, dual-wield, or run around with a wand, go for it. The only restriction they have said it that you can use any weapon, you may just not get the full benefit that a traditional class may have. So tank away as a fighter, you will be most likely effective, just not as effective as a Tank archetype.
  • Fighter/tank class would definitely help bridge that gap, and possibly give aggro abilities through augments. I imagining something like a bruiser or a knight. I can't wait to try out all the combinations :)
  • I imagine that a fighter can wield any weapon and a shield, but only use the ability to damage and aggro.
  • Thanks for the gif... kinda hate the look of the fighter in the stupid hat. I know you can customize, but if that's the theme or style they're going to use as the baseline for class armor etc... I'll be disappointed.

  • @caino no no, armor is racial themed, it depends on your race what your armor looks like. That fighter appears to be a Vaelune (Since they have a more middle eastern style to them)

  • Zenpai said:
    @caino no no, armor is racial themed, it depends on your race what your armor looks like. That fighter appears to be a Vaelune (Since they have a more middle eastern style to them)

    ah ok thanks!
  • You can duelwield swords on everyclass ;)

  • But fighter > every other class  ;)
  • Fighter's always interest me. Tanks are great too, but I prefer doing more damage. The class name Fighter itself brings me to think it will be a bruiser. Wearing protective armor (not as protective as a tank of course) while still using powerful weapons to dish out reasonable damage. Very excited for the Fighter reveal.
  • awhile back i made a thread similar to this - feel free to check it out. Might spark some ideas ?! ;)
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