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A day to remember. Final Act.

Hey guys! Final act here for this chapter before I move onto a whole new story. If you've not, Act two is in this link, Enjoy!

Velix's hand was trembling, he was tired and beaten all over. He inspected his aching fingers, they were covered in blood and ached from using his bow to fight. He noticed an odd pink sparkle mixed in with the blood from the undead, he thought he could look through it, into an all new dimension, whispering to him. 
"Velix!" cried someone, he looked up, drawn from his delusions. It was Baric, pressed against the sturdy wooden door of what he vaguely recalled as the cathedrals, with some others. Velix knew they needed help but couldn't bring himself to get up off the bench. He looked back at his hand which seemed to ache for his full attention, though it seemed almost powerful, the pink spark calling back out to him as the spark took a firm shape under his skin. He heard others call out to him as well. He managed to push himself up off his seat and over to the others. He leaned against the door, with the strength only of his body weight to help them. He glanced up at the once magnificent cathedral, though it was night, he could see some of the most prudent features due to the pink glow spilling in from the shattered windows. The stone looked dark and aged, though it was a building younger than himself. It was almost as if the building itself was being consumed by the foul madness within the city walls.

A large thud pressured the door inwards, with a creak and shedding of splinters, though it stayed intact. Velix was forced off the door and did not hold the strength to hold himself, he fell to the cold floor arse first, pressing his back against the breaking door. He glanced up with a look of sheer hopelessness towards his older brother who was still struggling to hold the door. Baric felt the gaze of his terrified brother. Looking into his eyes, he knew he had to do something but could not think of a solution. He felt hopeless.

Suddenly another thud and the door couldn't hold, no matter its will to do so. Such a force it was that it sent the remains of the door throughout the cathedrals great hall, along with its desperate defenders, scattered through the air amongst all the splinters. 

Velix found himself outside, thrown through a shattered window, the freezing rain restricting his body's desire to sleep. He could hear, and feel, around him the heavy rain drops smashing into the ground but what sent the shiver down his spine was the wailing noise of the undead horde through the rain. He glanced around, his face heavy as he lifted it off the freezing wet ground, the horde of undead stumbling towards him and the crystal blue portal behind him. Before Velix could react, he was lifted off the ground with such force that his head swirled like the portals blue swirling core. Baric had grabbed him and began to drag him towards their blue horizon, he struggled though. His older brother was tired, and wounded himself, but that didn't stop him trying. Velix managed to regain some of his senses and saw their goal getting closer, several people that he couldn't make out were running through in complete terror, not even knowing what awaited them on the other side. His eyes could make out two of those by the portal, Zora and Greenwald, they were still here, fighting. Zora took notice and came rushing to their aid, whilst Greenwald covered their approach, his two handed great-sword cleaving down any undead that came too close. They'd made it, Velix looked up as the bluish light landed on his face, what beauty the blue vortex held, what relief and what mystery. Baric dropped to a knee, still holding onto his almost lifeless brother.

"Zora! Greenwald! Lets go!" Baric yelled with urgency, each simple word a struggle. Greenwald and Zora didn't hesitate, rushing into the vortex, and disappearing into the nothingness. The portal was now surrounded by the horde, though they came no closer, not eager to let the blue light rest upon them. Baric lifted himself and his sibling up and approached the portal but something stopped his brother, like the force of walking into a invisible wall, Velix fell back as Baric lost his grip. He yelled in agony, his arm felt as though it was aflame but no visible fire could be seen. He clawed at his arm where the now hard, crystal formed lump glowed ever brighter, it's pink glow dancing on his fearful face, mocking him. Baric rushed over to him and tried again to drag him to their salvation, yet to no avail. The pain grew and the temptation to ask his brother to chop off his whole arm was strong. He knelt there, his corrupted arm resting on his lap, looking up at his brother who was trying to think of any tactic to get them out of this mess. They locked eyes, knowing the misery of the situation.
"You've got to go!" Screamed Velix, the pain almost unbearable that saying words wasn't easy. 
"I can't just abandon you! Not now, not after everything!" Baric grabbed his arm, studying it, trying to look for an answer that did not exist. Velix grabbed his forearm with his still human hand. Baric stopped what he was doing but couldn't face him. 
"It's ok..." His voice was calm and commanding. He had accepted his fate.
"I'm not getting through that portal but you can!" Velix commanded. Before Baric could even speak or think, a terrifying and deafening roar came through the air, shaking the foundations of his soul. The demon had made its way to the portal, the undead followed suit, lifting their heads up and belching out a roar. Their eyes had turned pink and the air heavy wherever the pinkish glow landed. Velix's arm resonated with the hideous war cries. The pain bursting out even more, the crystal growing at an alarming rate and, as if like a puppet, it followed the movements of the demons hand. It lifted its left hand up slowly into the air and Velix's arm followed suit. He was lifted into the air with it, Baric tried to hold him down but could not. He clawed at the air below his brothers feet but he was not even close. With a sudden stop in the air, and a flick of the demons hand, his brother was gone, thrown at speed towards a burnt out house, where his body slammed through the charcoal walls. His brother was gone. He would of been too had he not forced himself to leave through the vortex. His feelings conflicted, telling him he should die seeking vengeance or his brothers body. He knew then that he wasn't going to throw his life away, when his younger brother wanted him to live and see what new wonder was on the other side of the blue, spiralling, horizon.
The End.


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    Never a wrong place for a good story!! Thank you for posting :smile:
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    Well im confused, the wise web told me i'd posted this in the newly arrived section...I dont know, must of been moved? XD Thanks though @Kratz, I'll be starting on something new soon :)
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