Variety of Summons to Choose to from ; variety in obtaining them

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The title speaks for itself. In most MMOs, every Summoner has the exact same Summon-Creatures, and that really makes the Summoner stale & less desirable to play as.

I'm hoping that, each Summoner has the potential to obtain different Summons - this way, each Summoner will have their own
  • Stories to tell / Secrets to hide as to how they found/ obtained/ hunted/ earn/ ( etc ... ) the Summon-creature
It'll add Diversity & Mystery to the World and the Archetype - furthering it being unique compared to other MMOs

EDIT: Might be good RPing-potential too   o:)

Its possible that i delved into this idea in my Summon post

But think it's best I mention it in a separate post.  :)


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  • They could have a system where you can tame or (more likely) recreate/copy of creatures you've seen, including named unique ones (their abilities should still not be OP, though they could be special). You might need multiple encounters, or to do something special, or a quest to unlock more special ones. Something more than just their aspect (skin) should be subject to not being the same to the next person's.

    It would also be nice if we could train our summons to become better depending on certain playstyle where choices need to be made (specialize your creature in some function more than others), and at the end of the tree, get special unique skills other branches don't get for that same creature.

    This training could include type of food or catalyst given. Type of creatures fought. Weather the creature spent their "formative levels" in, and such. So if you're in a cold mountain place, your troll becomes a ice troll, in a jungle, a poison troll, so on.
  • @SchalaZeal
    AS i read your post, it reminds of Pokemon tbh  o:) . But that would be freakin sweet :3 
    • Having the Environment play an Active-role into what your Companion can become - furthering making the Environment feel more Alive + better immersion. 
    • With this in mind ... one can only imagine what other Secrets the Environment possess >~>
  • All I know if I had control over it it'd be just foxes. If they were elemental, fire/ice/shock fox. If they were undead or did affliction damage and undead or bog fox.

    Personally I'd like summon roles that are selected (tank, support, dps) and then you can choose an appearance. The appearances could be crafted, discovered, drops, achievement rewards, etc. Have some challenging ones with special appearances. Maybe even have a slot for effects like flames, radiating light, shadowy aura, etc. A summoner should have control over what they are summoning and what it can do... they shouldn't be limited like a tamer would be.
  • @Loyheta
    Glad you made a distinct difference between Summoning & Taming
    • Summoning should be something that only the Summoner is able to to do
    • Where as Taming ... hoping thats its something that every Archetype/ Player is able to do 
    Thus, Summoning vs Taming might be a thing :3

    ( Even though Summoning should have an advantage solely because its part of a Archetype - if not, it could result in Summoner-Archetype being deemed as Obsolete ... something I'm sure Players don't want. Archetypes should balanced )

    Plus ... imagine the Summoner-Archetype Summoning & Taming at the same time  o:)  ... would the best the thing ever ?!  :D
  • Summons could be based on knowledge, eg. once a summoner killed 100000 of a mob, their gain knowledge about it and can shape their summon to that mobs appearance.
  • FliP said:
    Summons could be based on knowledge, eg. once a summoner killed 100000 of a mob, their gain knowledge about it and can shape their summon to that mobs appearance.
    Can we do just 500 instead? Please?
  • Available minions will partially be determined by race.
  • Where's nagash? He'd be all over this. lol
  • I summon you by your name, @nagash , Lord of the Undead.
  • Nah, Hades is OP AF. @nagash ain't sh!t compares to him (・ิω・ิ)

  • No idea how summons can reflect races but there you go :3 Very curious to see what summon skins are~  
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    I hope it's not like LoL. And hoping those Skins reflect racial difference with each Summon

    ( Similar to a ❝ Shiny Pokemon ❞ ... Including how in the Orange Island Anime Arc ... There were Pink-Colored Pokemon - which was based on the food they ate )

     ... Really hoping someone here is familiar with this xD

  • Variety of summons you say...

  • sigh you guys have no class when its come to summoning 

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    Taming sadly is only going to be a husbandry skill I believe.. But I do love the idea of summoners being able to select at least one creature to summon from the wild...
    Or at least having choice over certain creatures to summon or not. :)
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    I'd always figured that Taming & Summoning would be two different things
    • Taming being something every Archetype can do ( including Summoners )
    • Summoning being something only Summoners can do
    Thus, a Community-Event via Tamed-Creatures Vs Summoned-Creatures could be a thing  :D

    Similar to Pokemon  :) ... but better >~>

    EDIT ... I just realized that i typed the same thing as i posed above ... OMFG 
    > ~<
  • I whole heartedly hope each summoner can have the option to get different type of summons. I think you should be able to get different types of summons via, raids, some dungeons, legendary quests, and then maybe summoners could either go to someone with the animal husbandry proffesion or if they have it their self they could breed different types of summons making new ones! Also maybe it could be like world of Warcraft hunters how they can get pets as long as their beasts. Maybe have a creature type that summoners can capture and then tame/capture their soul(heheheheheh) etc.
  • Just think of all the fun we will have with the new memes if they do make the summoner like wow's hunter. Fairly easy to transition from huntard to sumtard. Leashing mechanic done wrong. "Oh look, Timmy's rock troll has pulled the boss...again." Summoner/thief augments ability for temp invisibility, but pet is still visible and follows papa. All sorts of mechanics to be worked out. Or maybe they will be like Dogmeat from Fallout 4 and just run over every trap, pull every mob. It will be interested for pvp what they do with taunts. "Oh look, he has his taunt pet out, how cute!" or they go the Divinity route and the person taunted loses control of their character for the duration of the taunt and they can only attack the person/pet that taunted them. (Not likely)
  • Lol, maybe my idea wasn't so great...
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    nagash said:
    sigh you guys have no class when its come to summoning 

    I'm absolutely sure Nagash is hinting at something but I'm just not sure what it could possibly be. :*
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    I'm going to show what REAL summons are ( B) ).... but I'm busy finishing my Haunting Story (>~>)   .... (<~<)
  • Oh really now. Let's see what you got
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