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Official Live stream Q&A Question Thread – October 16th, 2017

Hey, everyone! 

Once again we’re collecting questions to answer during Mondays (16th) Twitch stream starting at 3:00 PM PDT / 6:00 PM EDT / 10:00 PM UTC / 8:00 AM AEST (Tuesday). 

Please post your questions in this thread and we’ll pick around 10 or so to answer live on-stream. Please, only one question per person. Additional questions will likely not get answered. 

Thanks for your help!

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  • Will adding someone to a friends list require that the other person accept, thus blocking those trying to stalk or use the friends list as an advantage to see when someone is online and do people on the friends list become immune to force flagging, stopping corruption mechanic workarounds? 
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    Two Questions

    1.  During what testing phase do you envision testing a more robust crafting system (Ie more than the basic gathering done during Alpha 0)?

    2.  When will Bacon's glorious name be made golden in discord?
  • Could we, in the game's future, ever see wars between two big nodes over the territory of small nodes that got eaten up by the ZOI's of the bigger nodes? (like territory disputes between real countries)
  • Will gear and spells you obtain throughout the game be level restricted?
  • @GMSteven -  If a node 1 levels up, and takes node 2 under its zone of influence, will the exp progress on the node 2 freeze where it was in moment of takeover or degrade to 0?
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    Q:. Will there be any research "Experimentation" like thing in crafting for unlocking "unknown" blueprints/recipes.
    Ex: Alchemy, where amount of ingredients, flame heat, time to mix etc, all has to be within a % range of success to be counted as a success, and thus unlocks this unknown recipe?
  • Character Creation Question: Will there be height limits per race?
    ex: The tallest orc will tower over the tallest human/elf/tulnar/dwarf. The smallest dwarf will be smaller than any races at their smallest.
  • Will I be able to tame a gorilla, bear, or other types of mounts other than a horse or mule? If so, do you have any that you could confirm will be ingame?  

    Thanks for taking the time to give us these much needed info drops!


  • To what extent are we going to see instanced raids, how frequently can those instances be entered and will multiple groups of players be able to do their instance of the raid at the same time?
  • Since it is a hot topic on the forum recently, some more information regarding legendary items. Will they be "one of a kind" type of items? Will they be significantly stronger compared to other largely obtainable BiS gear?
  • Can you go deeper into the class combination topic?
    In my thinking a Tank that chooses Healer as second class should have different skills than a Healer choosing Tank as second class.
    If it's like that would you like to say what the differences will be?
  • Will the nodes placement in certain areas be completely the same in Alpha/Beta as launch or will it be switched up a little to keep exploration alive during the early phases of Release?
    Otherwise complete maps with which nodes are where will be made before release. Advantage for guilds that they can prepare better, but I prefer seeing it different to keep the guilds on their toes.
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    We already know that if people successfully rob a caravan they get reward certificates.

    Question: Will these certificates be distributed (A) based on player activity, or (B) everyone who attacked gets same amount of certificates?

    problem A:    how to track player activity due to diversity of the roles.

    problem B:    someone hitting caravan just once and then slacking until it's over and getting the same reward like everyone else.

  • The way you guys have described quests in AoC have made me visualise them as repetitive kill and collect missions. Will there be more climatic, story driven quests that progress a core story line? 
  • Will there be instanced raids for smaller size groups(example ZG and AQ20) or will the instanced content only be for smaller groups of 8 and larger groups of around 40?

    Ill probably spend most of my time building a home and raiding carivans and I'm very excited for large scale raiding, especially open world encounters, city sieges and and castle sieges. Super into being part of a large guild, but say I have like 20 irl friends who end up playing or a handful of old guild mates, I would like the option to get together in an exclusive group and still do something on a larger scale.
  • What kind of guild features do you plan to include in Ashes? Will we have useful tools like an integrated calendar or guild-wide buffs?
  • If you are able to sell from a stall could you still be PvP'd or robbed?
  • Can we hope to use special letters in character names, like "ä" "ô" "ý", or just the standard character set?
  • Question: Do you plan to create an own designet Desktop PC (or laptop) for the game?

    I see often games that bring out special designed computers,consoles or equiptment for her games.

    It woud be nice when i can buy such an desktop pc in the design from ashes of creation, with the best runnig hardwares for AoC and eventually special software ( like alienware as example they have specual design in hard and software) 

    Greetings from your german fan and video maker on youtube Heiler 
    (one time i am the best heal in the game :) )
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    Can you please allow names as short as 3 characters long? Asking for a friend...
  • We've heard plenty all the races, we also heard about 4 portals, one for each race, which represent a starting area. Will the tulnar choose from them, or have their own starting zone? If its their own, will it be in the underdark? Also, to dig deeper on those 4 portals, will those be somewhat close, or in the corners of the maps?

    Keep on being awesome!
    Ruby '437' Unicorn
  • Will raids have resources that require people with appropriate gathering profession in order to collect them? (ie high level ore node requiring a miner to take advantage of it)
  • Will there be some sort of list of emotes/dances or some other things folks can do in the game coming out? Maybe even a stream showing some of them animating? 
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    what are the dimensions of each node or at least your assumption on the size? 

    give us something so we can understand the scope how massive the game will be.

  • "Leader of Man" name a NPC, name a random NPC, NPC given from ashes, or selected NPC from player?
  • If I create a Guild, and I want to organize the structure of the guild more like a business or corporation with different entities - will there be a way to name the different entities different things?

    For example:
    Disney (NYSE: DIS) also owns ABC, ESPN, LucasFilm, Marvel, and many other corporations... Even though Disney is the parent corporation (Public) and the others are essentially Independent entities.

    I guess what I'm asking is - with the Stock Market going to be in-game, will there be a way to Create new entities within a single guild, or possibly acquire other guilds, businesses, etc., while maintaining similar names?  (Everybody still considers Marvel movies as Marvel movies, not Disney movies - if that makes sense.)
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    Will you be giving us tricks or treats this Halloween?  >:)

  • When people approach a caravan from different sides how will we know friend from foe?
    Who is attacking and defending.
  • Can you give tell us the names of a few adventurer classes? (I NEED to know what mage/tank is).
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    Ships. Will they have cannon, controllable sails and anchors. Will you be able to repair the hulls in combat? Also could we name the ships?

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