Special Event Ideas?

I thought to make this post for the community to come up with some fun creative ideas that the Devs might scan over to see what there community is looking for.

One Special Event i thought of that is "Lore Friendly", is a Plague Event.

Returning to the world after X amount of years and having things mutate, means that there has to be some diseases that the people have never experienced or have immunity's too.

So why not have a plague cast upon a node as a random event. The local doctors discover a cure for this plague, however they do not have enough resources to cure the whole node. It is up to the players of the node to go out and collect X amount of resource that the node needs (*maybe depending on level of node = amount of resources*) to cure everyone. Players can scout the world and collect the resources, or maybe neighboring node could help trade the resources if they are near a abundance of the resources. However citizens of an other node staying to long in the infected node have the chance to catch the plague, and if they return to there node without being cured they risk infecting there node as well.

If left unchecked for to long and ignored. The Plague could affect the nodes level. Either by loosing experience for the node, or possibly even de-leveling smaller parts of the node.

Player can be infected by the plague. Players infected will receive debuffs to there states and health until they cure themselves and or the plague event is over.


  • The world itself should already have random enounters and tasks by design, but I wouldn't mind time limited seasonal events also.
  • Not sure who to blame for this event - @Karthos or @Nagrash!
  • Kratz said:
    Not sure who to blame for this event - @Karthos or @Nagrash!
    if it does not involve skeleton or wraths then it's not me 
  • Several years ago many games had a plague event.  I experienced the EQ2 plague event, and did not enjoy it at all.  I think it was a bust for most of the games that had it.  Please, no plague event.
  • Plague event like world of warcraft where the world needed to reset cause the desease destroyed everything xD
  • Would absolutely love to see an extra life event in-game.

    Beyond that I would love each biome to have it's own respective unique world event, including the Underrealm and ocean!
  • I think it would be cool to have some Seasonal events(not for just christmas and such though.). Since 1 year in Ashes = 1 month in real life. I think it would be cool if we occasionally had bad years for these things.                                                                                                                                                                                                           In spring and summer it could be a really bad year and have floods and we'd have to rebuild and protect the node from all the flooding. Maybe have it if it's a really bad flood year and the people around the node don't help the node deteriorates and part of the node goes underwater(we can swim downtown!). In the summer we could have some particularly dry times where we need to travel long ways to get water or something or maybe just all the crops die and we have to replant or something. Maybe the winter lasts longer then normal and the node is running out of supplies and we have to deliver a certain amount of goods via caravan or ship or else the node deteriorates.

    Just some thoughts!
  • I'd prefer Ashes has it's own holidays, connected with It's own lore, and totally unrelated to earth.
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