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Questions about Pledging/Buying in

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Ok, I am so sold on the potential of this game. I bought the $225 "PAX" package, and then afterwards I wandered over to the AoC Kickstarter page, which appears still active? There is an option for an "Old Warrior" package at $250, which says it's still available. Is Kickstarter still open, or is that page just out of date? What's the difference between buying in on KS and buying here at the store?


  • the Kickstarter page is still up but you can no longer pledge to the cause that's why they have their store on the home page.
  • Afraid the Kickstarter is over just as @nagash has stated! :(

    The Kickstarter and Summer Campaign was a one off offer and won't be available again.

    The PAX packages are also exclusive and won't be available in the future once taken down from the store :)

    A warm welcome to our community! :3

  • How much longer will the PAX packages be available?
  • I believe it is not known how long pax packages will be on sale, but I believe they are limited quantity and once they are sold out - no more buyable keys.

    Any kind of crowdfunding has ended and will not return, so much is confirmed.
  • BUYING AN ALPHA KEY NEXT FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO!
  • If I buy the alpha key does it extend me into the full beta? not just beta phase 2?
  • If I buy the alpha key does it extend me into the full beta? not just beta phase 2?
    If you buy into Alpha 2, you also get access to Beta 1 and Beta 2. I believe so much was confirmed by community moderators.
  • Sorry I could not find anything on the forums and I cannot risk going anywhere else right now since I'm at work :smile: 

    But thank you for the info, I am trying to gather as much info as possible on this game because I currently am waiting for a game to drain my life into again.
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    The store is just a key : *
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    As @FliP stated above. If you buy the PAX package that has Alpha 2 access you get access to Beta 1 and 2. This was confirmed by devs and posted by mods. I don't have the quote handy, but it is out there. Realize there is no confirmed start date at this time for any alpha beyond Alpha 0 on December 15th. For that you need to win a key. Good news is, by signing up to these forums you are entered. Keys won for Alpha 0 are for just that, they do NOT grant access to the further paid Alphas and Betas.
  • Fleelix said:
    The store is just a key : *
    Slightly wrong. The keys on the store also include a limited PAX costume.

    This question was asked before and you can see @Belewyn responded with Alpha 2 PAX package do include access to all subsequent Betas. :3 Yes, it also contains more than just a key :3

  • Welcome to the forums and good luck getting a key!
  • Ok, no more Kickstarter packages. At least my wife and I were able to get our PAX packages today. See you all inside someday!
  • Yeay! Congratulations on your PAX packages! 
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