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Alright everyone, I have been out of the loop for along time so go easy on me. A long time ago when there was a lot of problems with the referral system I signed up using a friends link and he did not get the referral but my account was still created. Is there any way I add him as my referrer?  I do not want to make a new account unless I can use the same name and email?


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    Nope. I think you can delete the account and re create it but I wouldn't do anything before contacting a community moderator first. @Belewyn
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    @Belewyn, @Lexmax, @Diura or one of the other wonderful mods should be popping in here shortly and I'm Sure they'll let you know.
    Sorry to not be of any help (ignorant) myself, but I hope that any issues get sorted out soon :)
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    Hey there,

    I can include below some quick responses. I have not yet seen an update for the referral system. I would recommend perhaps to place a ticket with Intrepid. Apologies that I do not have a better answer =(


    Q: Help! My referral clicked my link but I can't see it. Can you help?

    • A: Unfortunately, our current system does not allow us to track referrals beyond what you see yourself. As a result, we also do not have a way to manually fix a referral if it did not take. Please note that we know for sure that if the referral uses an ad blocker or cookie blocker on their browser, the referral will not track. We are looking into upgrading our Referral system, however we don't currently have any details on what this will change in that regard, if anything.

    Q: How do I place a ticket with the Customer Support team at Intrepid?

    • A : To log a ticket with the Customer Support (CS) team, please navigate to https://www.ashesofcreation.com/ and in the bottom right of the screen click on the "? Support" tab. This will take you to a text bar. Enter in [Your issue / inquiry here] and hit enter. This will populate a Contact Us tab. Please select this and fill out the forum with the appropriate details.

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