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[Podcast] From The Ashes Episode 25: Raiding

From The Ashes Episode 25: Raiding – The Ashes of Creation podcast produced by The Dungeon Crawler Network! Join Aggelos and Thais, the Founders of The Dungeon Crawler Network, as they bear witness the rebirth of the MMORPG genre from the ashes of an industry that has left gamers behind!

This week, Aggelos is joined by Community Moderator, Belewyn, and returning guest host, ChibiBree to discuss the topic of PvE raiding and how we hope that this game type will be done in Ashes of Creation! Be sure to check our the Podcast Information section for links to follow our special guest co-hosts!

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Show Notes:

  • Phoenix Roundtable: Raiding

Podcast Information:

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  • Special thanks to both @Belewyn and @ChibiBree for coming on this episode!
  • Glad to have the opportunity to discuss such a hot topic!
  • Enjoyed it, thanks again! :)
  • @Aggelos Once again a hearty thanks for all your hard work.  Thanks also to your guests, Belewyn and ChibiBree!   A special thanks goes out to your cat also!  
  • Another top notch discussion of Ashes of Creation. Thanks for all you hard work. If we can't have the game right now at least we have something to tide us over. :|
  • @Aggelos Once again a hearty thanks for all your hard work.  Thanks also to your guests, Belewyn and ChibiBree!   A special thanks goes out to your cat also!  
    Thank you! We almost didn't have her as a guest anymore since she got out and was missing for over 2 days. She finally came home so I was very happy and we have our "podcast crasher" back!
  • Just finished watching it and I must say you did a great job. It seems to be one of the most hotly debated topics on here
  • nagash said:
    Just finished watching it and I must say you did a great job. It seems to be one of the most hotly debated topics on here
    Thanks mate! I know so many of us are unsure of how Intrepid plans to pull these off. Especially in a 100% open world with no instancing.
  • Oh man we were having that same topic last night, time to watch the video. 
  • These people have no knowledge of MMORPG other than WOW. I hope this game isnt up to them. 
  • Well wow has been around quite a bit longer than most of the games out there and has been played by vastly more people than any other mmo so I guess it is the go to reference for raiding as its the one game more people can relate to. Is wow's raiding any good well that just comes down to personal preference, I think it is honestly just being used as a reference point.

    Ashes will be about so much more than just raiding sure there will be raids, but there will be so many other things to do, raids for me will be well down the list, but that's just me.

    Still an interesting podcast though.

  • Good podcast. Thanks for the post.

    I could see server firsts being a thing but i think it's hard for world firsts to mean much with it being gated behind node progression. Not only will servers be getting different content but at different times.

    I don't know if we will get a hardcore raiding scene when there is so more to progressing in the game then raiding. Raiding no longer is the sole way to progress and guilds can also directly compete against each other. I don't think anyone will care how far a guild has progressed in a raid if they get destroyed in direct conflict with other guilds. A guilds strength and how far they progress in raids will usually coincide but raid progression is no longer the only or best way of rating a guilds strength/progression. 
  • @McStackerson I do agree.

    I am looking forward to raiding playing a minor part in Ashes endgame (I know, I don’t like the term either but it is common usage). I like raiding, but never did it competitively in any game. Ashes promises so much more than just a “raiding scene”. I know this will disappoint some, but the game cannot be everything for everyone. I think raids are an important component of an MMO, but the dominance they have been given has, I feel, been detrimental to the genre as a whole.

    I really disagree that the introduction of a random element to raiding, be it raid layout, trash placement or boss mechanics, would kill off any competitive raiding scene or be a negative in any way. 

    I think the one thing that has been lacking from raids, and indeed smaller dungeons, has been this element of dynamism. I understand the argument of everything being exactly the same for everyone to measure against but it isn’t one I agree with. Too much of raiding is a mod telling you what to do and when. The random nature of boss mechanics would just be another aspect of the competition and should provide a more enjoyable experience.

    I think what is more likely to affect a competitive raiding scene is the fact that raiding will not be THE place to get the best gear in the game. With other avenues providing access to gear that will be on par with raiding, how many people will be grinding them out week upon week? It should leave you with the people who really want to do the content, not just those that are only there for the best gear. This may not kill the scene, but I would think it would shrink it dramatically. 

  • I agree, that Raiding shouldn't be the only main goal, for players to have but most MMO's fall into this Trap however. The main reason people believe raiding is end content, is because that's where high level gear, and the lore of the story is explained and wrapped up in. 

     I think that "Events" caused by increase in Nodes progression destroying a metropolis are a great idea that Intrepid has come up with, these events hopefully will be the lore shaping of the server and that story that we all want to experience. That will allow high level players and lower level players feel like part of the overall story. 

    If the conventional Raid Zones and Mobs have a place in Ashes for that extra lore tie in that would be great. But most players don't get to experience raid content. So having the world shape around protection and advancement of the nodes will make the whole server come together rather than just individual guild progression. I believe both have their place in the game.

    But I like the idea of other avenues and resources to make the "endgame" not have to be just all about Raiding, and I like the idea of increasing your character through all of the other parts of the game that with augment your character like faith, your thieves guild etc, being able to change your abilities making your character stronger, I really see that as more as the "End Game." Rather than downing some boss in a Raid Zone, because that has been done so many times before and I believe a lot of other players would agree that we want something to be meaningful and not just the same recycled story with small tweaks.
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